Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ok! I am attempting to do another challenge that Robin from WhoGivesaScrap suggested we try as we were kicking around the ideas of "smash-booking" and doing a "Book of Me" for the summer...If you have not seen this blog yet, it is very inspiring with ideas to keep you busy.

Since we just discovered the challenge, we are obviously not in tune with the actual blog who is hosting the challenge. I have posted the link below, in case you are interested in checking out the host of the challenge, cute blog too!

If you happen to join in on the challenge, good luck! I would love to see what you come up with if you do participate, so if you do please feel free to leave a link to your blog or wherever you have posted the challenge in your response so I can check you out!

Find the challenge here:

Here is my Day 1 Challenge: My title page... =) (it was a little shaded due to trying to do this at bedtime...and the lighting was dim to I would not wake Breanna...cold huh? I know...anyways...
 Day 2 Challenge: Use this page to create 3-5 tangible goals for this journal challenge
 Day 3 Challenge:  Use your name as an Arcrostic to tell us a little bit about yourself. Get creative with this one.
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Black Girls RUN!

In my horrendous collection of magazines, I finally got to rummage through one of my Heart & Soul Magazines and there was a section about groups that African American women can join for support in losing weight and getting fit and possibly find local chapters right in your neighborhood.

I believe there were 3 different groups that were highlighted and Black Girls Run was the first group that I stumbled across...and I am ever so thankful that I did!

I have had some friends ask about the group "Black Girls Run" that are of a different race and didn't understand why there was a group dedicated just for African American women. My girlfriend asked me, "Do black girls run differently?" we run the same however....its the same reason we have African American colleges, African American Sororities and Fraternities, etc. And the "groups" don't just stop with African Americans, they are throughout minority communities. There are even groups out there that try and be hush hush about it, but many are just OUT about it and thats OK!!

I have a lot to say about this topic, only because I have experienced some stuff personally.
Unfortunately, African American women are usually not discussed when it comes to athletic abilities or the like or want to be fit or work out. TRUE enough we have alot goin on when we want to work but we still do it! If you are one of my followers and you may not know what I am referring to...let me enlighten you....we have issues with the HAIR! See....WE cannot go out, have a bomb work out, go wash our hair, and shake it dry! Its a is the same reason you may not find us in the pools and beaches too often! But we still do it...And when I say its a process, please believe me when I say it is truly a process.

Let me ask you this...when is the last time you have walked down the workout DVD isle at Target or whatever store and saw an African American woman on the cover? Hardly ever. Have you ever noticed our selection of hair care products in a grocery store or in Target / Walmart? Probably NOT because most likely we may be at the BOTTOM of an END CAP! But anyway...I don't want this post to turn out into something completely different, because I have already gotten slightly off track!

ANYWAY......I found this group and once I did some research, I discovered that Black Girls Run has chapters in major cities, and guess what! They had a chapter in my backyard! WOO HOO!!! SO, I found the chapter which has a facebook page! And MAN! It was a beautiful thing I tell you! Discovering so many women, that I can relate to that live near me that can inspire me and help me along my journey!
I have participated in 2 different meet ups as we do one monthly at different locations. These sistas I met vary in ages and are in waaaay better shape than me! What a blessing! Dedication pays off! Inspiration city! If any of you are reading this blog entry I want to thank you for the inspiration and I am so happy to have met you!
I never thought of myself as a runner....but let me tell you...I am on my way. My crazy butt even wants to participate in a Mud Run...go figure!

Below are pics from the second meet up at Mount Rubidoux in Riverside, Ca. This a little over 3 miles I believe. You can enter 2 different ways. One way, takes you longer, but the trail is not as steep....................the other entrance, is a shorter distance (to the top), but ALOT STEEPER!
I loved the challenge so much, me and some ladies did this 3 days in a! It was amazing...
Anyhow, below are some pics that have so much meaning I cannot even begin to explain...its just one of those, "had to be there" moments!


Black Girls Run!!!! IE (Inland Empire) Chapter Day 1- This pic was taken atthe very top of the mountain....the view was AMAZING!!! Oooh my GOD IS GOOD!!!
 Where we started at the bottom....

Another pose at the top...
 We were directed to take a "we mean business!!!" pose!

 Tell me that is not beautiful!?

 Who's that girl!?...Had my tunes goin! I was enjoying the moment, even though I was out of breath most the time!
 THE CROSS! I swear I almost had a moment when I touched this cross...At that very moment, I felt SO THANKFUL! Thankful to be alive and be able to walk up that mountain, thankful to breath the fresh air, thankful to see the view!!
 One of my friends from high school Tammi joined the group after she saw my posts about it on Facebook...aint seen her since we graduated in 1996! Reunion!
 My Aunt Gina also joined us seeing my posts online on Facebook! LOVE THE POWER OF NETWORKING! Im not even sure when was the last time I saw my Aunt....I know sad...XOXO!
 My sista from anotha mista!!! YOU DID IT BOO! "Red Box Lady!" (insider in the scrap world)Whoop! Whoop! My girl was feelin herself!! With every right!
 My workout group! Team GET IT TOGETHER!!!! Alondra, Maronda, and myself!
 I did it! I was NUTS to get up there like that...I guess I was feelin myself a little too and very much inspired and feelin literally on top of the world!
 Another group photo, also with my friend Rocky, another high school girlfriend!

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed sharing!
Black Girls RUN!
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