Thursday, March 29, 2012

12 Step Scrap Program...

Check out my sista from anotha mistas blog funny! My fellow scrappers can appreciate!

Good one Ladison...otherwise known as the RED BOX LADY! You may know
Check out her blog here.

Reading is FUNdamental!

Well, last Saturday marked Bre's first official trip to the library.
Fontana has a new rather large library called Fontana Lewis Library & Technology Center!
It is really huge....

Bre has been itching to learn how to read, so why not go ahead and introduce her to the library as well? It was a surprise...she had no idea where we were going. We enjoyed some pancakes at IHOP first, got full, then headed over to get her a brand new spanking "Livrary Cawd" as she calls it...for some crazy reason she cannot say "library" Love her to pieces. was my first time stepping into a library ummm....since I was a KID! So is it just this livrary, or do they not stamp in the books anymore? Remember the actual cards that were tucked in the cover of the book? Well it is now digitized now! are a few pics that I snapped from my cell to capture the moment!

Oh...and her non-reading behind picked up 7 Yeah I am a reading mama!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

RIP Trayvon Martin

Me and Bre joined in on the hoodie movement.
I am saddened by what has happened...but unfortunately it is not the first time and it is won't be the last time.
This was a status update from one of my dear friends....and he speaks the truth:

"It's sad that a young boy had to lose his life to shed light on what it's really like to be an African American male. The stereotypes and racial profiling are destroying these young lives. We have to stand and give these boys and men a chance."...written by my friend T.M.

Here is another that blew me away..the sad part about it is I believe it:

"Just talked to a cop. He said regardless of what society thinks, a black man in a hoodie is up to no good or a possible threat. SMH"..written by my friend, T.M.

In I am currently watching "The Help"...anyway...

Here is another update from one of my friends...

"If you're a Black Man in Florida you should be vexed and on some straight Revolutionary ish regarding Trayvon Martin! Damn all the protesting, the talking, the rally's, and all the other ineffective bullshit! Doesn't matter who, but one of you needs to cause some slow-singing flowers-bringing for the savage beast who took Young Trayvon's life...then call some "officials" to come get his azz and let them know it was all in self defense...there's no justice system, it's just a system, a corrupted, suppressing, unjust system.... They still on this race war, stop being a punk and fight..." girl A.B is always bringing it ya girl, but you are so right on so many levels!

Here is a photo that was on her page..

Here is another picture I saw a few days ago...its sad that we have to explain to our youth WHY things like this happen. How do we explain this to our youth!?

I thought this was interesting...but so damn true...
Only food for thought....think about it. Do your part.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Whats the 4-1-1!? Week of 3/23/12

WEEK ENDING: March 23rd, 2012 It’s another drug bust for Singer El DeBarge. El was arrested this week for possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell. He has an April 9th court date. Since 2001, he has been arrested three times for drug possession. In 2008, he spent two years in jail. Last year, he entered rehab, but apparently he can’t conquer his drug demons.

Oprah had to stop the madness! The OWN staff couldn’t take working for Rosie O’Donnell any longer. The Rosie Show only lasted five months. It was plagued by low ratings, and Rosie’s demeanor didn’t help. According to sources, she was a bully on the set, felt the writers couldn’t write, the producers couldn’t produce, the stage manager couldn’t manage and the director couldn’t direct. Staff members say it was the worst experience they’ve ever had. After much thought, Oprah decided to end the show. Both parties put out nice statements about each other, but there is tension between the two. Rosie never wanted to be in Chicago. She wanted the show taped in New York. Oprah insisted on Chicago, The Oprah Show’s original home base. March 30th is the final day of The Rosie Show.

Don’t Drag Whitney’s Legacy Down! The Houston family is pleading with Ray J to not release nude photos and videos of Whitney Houston. Sources say Ray J is sitting on a gold mine. He and Whitney were together during her final years. Ray J is known for his sex tape with now famous socialite Kim Kardashian. Kardashian’s career took off in 2007 when their sex tape came out. This is such a sad time for Whitney’s mom Cissy Houston. In addition to losing her daughter, she is also dealing with her granddaughter Bobbi Kris. Bobbi Kris is openly dating her unofficial adopted brother Nick Gordon. Cissy feels Gordon is taking advantage of Bobbi Kris. Bobbi Kris has turned to Gordon for comfort, and she is wearing her mother’s diamond ring.

The Allen Iverson divorce has taken a turn for the worse. Tawanna Iverson has filed court documents wanting a list of every woman that her husband slept with during their marriage. They have been together for years (married for ten) and they have five kids. Tawanna has stated that Iverson is hiding money and she and the kids have nothing. Iverson’s NBA career came to a dreadful end, and now his marriage has ended. What will become of his legacy? He was once one of the NBA’s greatest.

Former Basketball Star Shaquille O’Neal is getting a reputation as a heartbreaker. O’Neal recently dumped longtime girlfriend Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander. Hoopz became famous as the first season winner of the VH1 reality show Flavor Of Love with Flavor Flav. Since winning the show, she had gained quite a reputation. Then she hooked up with Shaq, and they appeared to be in love. Despite her past, he was very open about their relationship. Well, Shaq recently turned 40, and he showed up to his party with a new woman. What happened to Hoopz? Apparently, he had his security detail put her out of his home. He felt it was time move on with another woman. What will Hoopz do now? She was hoping to marry Shaq. Maybe Basketball Wives will contact her…oops…uh oh…. that won’t happen! Shaq’s ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal is the producer of that show.

This world is too small!In the next few weeks, you are going to see Will Smith everywhere. He’s hosting The Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon on the 31st. His new Men In Black movie is opening in theatres Memorial Day weekend. The past few weeks have been rough for Will and his wife Actress Jada Pinkett Smith. The tabloids have been running wild with stories of marital strife, but the two appeared at a recent 76ers’ basketball game kissing, hugging and spending family time with their children.

It’s another baby for Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Kim Zolciak. Zolciak is four months pregnant. Nine months ago, she gave birth to a baby boy. This is her second child with Football Star Kroy Biermann.

Tiger Woods’ former Swing Coach Hank Haney is writing a book about his days with the golf great. Before infidelity destroyed his marriage and image, Tiger Woods was on top of the world. Now those who were closest to him are making money off of his life. In the book, Haney talks about Woods ex-wife Elin Nordegren. He claims she wasn’t allowed to smile on the golf course when Tiger won, and that Tiger wouldn’t let her be openly affectionate in public. So what was the reason for the no smiling? Haney says Woods told her you don’t have to smile and be happy for a win because he is supposed to win; that’s their way of life.

So what did you think of week one of Dancing With The Stars? Empress Of Soul Gladys Knight surprised everyone with her fancy footwork. Other standouts included Actor Jaleel White (Urkel) and Disney Star Rashon Fagan. Sherri Shepherd of The View also did her thing.

Get ready for more Rapper/Actor T.I. on TV. His reality show, The Family Hustle on VH1 with his wife Tiny, has been renewed for another season. Plus, he has signed on for the Showtime series The Boss with Kelsey Grammer and Sanaa Lathan.Braxton Family Values has been renewed for another season.

Yes! It’s the further adventures of Toni and her sisters. Plus the breakout star Tamar is getting her own spinoff with her husband Vince.

Katie Couric’s new daytime talk show debuts September 10th.

Niecy Nash is getting a reality show based around her family life. The show, Leave It To Niecy, debuts Sunday at 10pm on the TLC network.

Mike Tyson…. the entertainer? The former boxer is putting together a Las Vegas show, and he hopes to take it to Broadway.

Mary Mary’s (sisters Tina and Erica) new reality show debuts on the WE Network next week. Thursday March 29th is the debut of their show called Mary Mary. The show will feature the gospel stars as they juggle their careers and their ever growing families. The ladies have a new song out called Go Get It, which is the title track to their new album due out in May.

Congrats to Tina Campbell from the duo. She is expecting her fifth child. Tina’s sister Erica gave birth to a baby girl a few weeks ago.

In more gospel news, BET is gearing up for the fifth season of Sunday Best. Joining Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin at the judges table will be CeCe Winans. Winans is replacing Mary Mary.

A Detroit business deal has gone belly up for Singer Keith Sweat. Sweat has some real estate in the motor city, but the homes went into foreclosure. The banks took the homes saying he defaulted on the loan, and now he still has to pay $250,000.

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::::: UNDERGROUND BUZZ :::::: Most divorces of those who are famous include an agreement to be quiet. What would happen if a few of those exes decided to talk anyway? Hmmmmmmm! Stay tuned! Lets hear what you think at: Did you miss the last 411 Report?:click here to view previous reports

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Operation Retreat Production...

Evening friends!
Well as I stated I was posting the work that was created at my retreat this past weekend:

Below is a wall piece I believe by Tim Holtz...and it had 6 slots for pics or whatever...its actually not finished, I feel the need for more went ahead and took a pic of it anyway, because if I didn't snap it now, who knows when its gonna get snapped! So there you go...

This layout has a story behind it....It first started out the green flower that my friend Wendy Crafts gave me (suggested you to check out her blog yesterday.. -))...anyway...she is in the mixed media and made me that super cool flower. She presented it to me as a little gift for knowing each other 5 years ago on St. Patty's day. So, I was bummed that I didn't have any St. Patty's day paper...but my good friend Ms. Janice said, "wait! I have some paper!" ok cool! But I still didn't have my photo for the layout so I figured I would just complete it later...then another friend Rochelle W stated, "I can print your pic on my printer right her!'...well alrighty then! Lets do this! So we did it! I had to give all 3 of them a special shout out at the bottom of my ladies!

Other cool layouts:

Bre planted her first flowers....go girl!
My girl...
Recent trip to Solvang, Ca...
Me and my co-worker Albert...
This is a canvas piece I did for my daughters bedroom...I kinda feel unappreciated though...she lifted her hands like, "Ok...and?"...UGH! =(
These are stone like plaques that I found at Michael's...hooked them up and put Mod Podge on them...they came out pretty cool...made them for the mans office. =)
Hope you enjoyed the work... =)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ooops! I did it again! Retreat Recap

Dang...I know its been a minute...didn't realize it had been this long!

Well, I will hop back on my blog and get you caught up on what I am doin!
Just had a great weekend with 10 other ladies at a Scrap Retreat, it was awesome. When we get together we always have a great time! Tons of food, laughs, jokes etc. Getting a chance to bond with ladies that I haven't seen in months, but when we get together its like we never missed a beat! Shout out to Janice, Marie, Melissa, Rochelle, Wendy, Jennifer P., Beth, Christy, Kim and Aimee! had a great time ladies!

Here is a quick snapshot from my table...

It was COLD weekend, I tell you! It was also St. Pattys weekend. So...I did warn everyone that did not have on green was getting pinched! I had on green, as you can see the photo below.
Here is a peek of my new get down. I ordered this from some hardware website, the box is made by Plano...the top opens up, and then the second compartment opens up and has 3 drawers there. The bottom compartment is like a pull out compartment. Its on wheels and I like it, I think I like it more after using it the first time this past weekend. I had ordered it in November and finally altered it last week right before my retreat. I put Pink / Black Zebra print (duct tape) on the inside as well..., plastered some photos and bling on there as well...I'm pleased with the results. I had to Mod Podge the whole thing afterwards...
I wanted to give me sista from anotha mista a shout out! Miss Wendy Crafts...If you are into mixed media, I suggest you take a little visit over to her blog! She makes all kinds of cool stuff!
I couldn't believe she had me on the floor past 10pm on my knees looking through the oven door watchin her Shrinky Dinks Shrink! Just like a kid, the oohs and aaahs were was hilarious! So if you get a moment, please visit her blog and get inspired!
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