Sunday, March 25, 2012

RIP Trayvon Martin

Me and Bre joined in on the hoodie movement.
I am saddened by what has happened...but unfortunately it is not the first time and it is won't be the last time.
This was a status update from one of my dear friends....and he speaks the truth:

"It's sad that a young boy had to lose his life to shed light on what it's really like to be an African American male. The stereotypes and racial profiling are destroying these young lives. We have to stand and give these boys and men a chance."...written by my friend T.M.

Here is another that blew me away..the sad part about it is I believe it:

"Just talked to a cop. He said regardless of what society thinks, a black man in a hoodie is up to no good or a possible threat. SMH"..written by my friend, T.M.

In I am currently watching "The Help"...anyway...

Here is another update from one of my friends...

"If you're a Black Man in Florida you should be vexed and on some straight Revolutionary ish regarding Trayvon Martin! Damn all the protesting, the talking, the rally's, and all the other ineffective bullshit! Doesn't matter who, but one of you needs to cause some slow-singing flowers-bringing for the savage beast who took Young Trayvon's life...then call some "officials" to come get his azz and let them know it was all in self defense...there's no justice system, it's just a system, a corrupted, suppressing, unjust system.... They still on this race war, stop being a punk and fight..." girl A.B is always bringing it ya girl, but you are so right on so many levels!

Here is a photo that was on her page..

Here is another picture I saw a few days ago...its sad that we have to explain to our youth WHY things like this happen. How do we explain this to our youth!?

I thought this was interesting...but so damn true...
Only food for thought....think about it. Do your part.


  1. You definitely hit a hot topic. I live in the city and yes night after night and time after time thugs and thiefs use hoodies to mask themselves as they commit crimes but that does not mean everyone wearing a hoodie is committing a crime. Trayvon was not stealing, robbing or beating anyone. He was followed and gunned down for being in the wrong neighborhood and for that there should be justice. Where would we be if you could shoot someone for what they might do?????

  2. You are right..but it's so ignorant when one thinks all black men wearing hoodies r trouble....please!

  3. Look I don't discriminate, anybody wearing a hoodie, suit, bathrobe whatever better not walk up on me, lol. No seriously I agree with you like I said the young man's actions did not make him suspect, his skin color did and for this to be seen as justified is a true flaw in our judicial system.

  4. Wow...That's alright the kids with skittles and hoodies. Now following your blog. Really nice.


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