Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Operation Retreat Production...

Evening friends!
Well as I stated I was posting the work that was created at my retreat this past weekend:

Below is a wall piece I believe by Tim Holtz...and it had 6 slots for pics or whatever...its actually not finished, I feel the need for more embellies...so...I went ahead and took a pic of it anyway, because if I didn't snap it now, who knows when its gonna get snapped! So there you go...

This layout has a story behind it....It first started out the green flower that my friend Wendy Crafts gave me (suggested you to check out her blog yesterday.. -))...anyway...she is in the mixed media and made me that super cool flower. She presented it to me as a little gift for knowing each other 5 years ago on St. Patty's day. So, I was bummed that I didn't have any St. Patty's day paper...but my good friend Ms. Janice said, "wait! I have some paper!" ok cool! But I still didn't have my photo for the layout so I figured I would just complete it later...then another friend Rochelle W stated, "I can print your pic on my printer right her!'...well alrighty then! Lets do this! So we did it! I had to give all 3 of them a special shout out at the bottom of my layout..lol..Thanks ladies!

Other cool layouts:

Bre planted her first flowers....go girl!
My girl...
Recent trip to Solvang, Ca...
Me and my co-worker Albert...
This is a canvas piece I did for my daughters bedroom...I kinda feel unappreciated though...she lifted her hands like, "Ok...and?"...UGH! =(
These are stone like plaques that I found at Michael's...hooked them up and put Mod Podge on them...they came out pretty cool...made them for the mans office. =)
Hope you enjoyed the work... =)


  1. Wow you got a lot done!! love the layouts & your tray

  2. Awesome layouts and I love the plaques for his office. My husband said that I am too slow and he just took a picture and stuck it up with a push pin, lol. I guess I should make something nicer, lol.


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