Thursday, June 30, 2011

Emotions Spiraling...

My eyes are puffy...lookin on the swollen side...yes, from my tears.

There is just SO much goin on right now it just seems like a bad dream...

I just cannot let go or forget what my mom has been through. I know my mom would love to have me by her side right now. I also know that her pride gets in the way and my pride gets in the way. My mom never wants to cry in front of me and I never want to cry in front of her.

Last night after Bre fell asleep and dad in his office space (the garage) I finally was able to release what I have been holding back all day. My tears, which explains my puffy eyes. I feel so alone at these times. Yes, I have plenty of people to come to my aid, but again its that pride. Its time like these, I miss having someone putting their arm around me tellin me its gonna be okay. When my mom was sick years ago, my nana kept me afloat. She constantly told me to stop crying and continued to ask me where my faith was. Never allow the devil in as I am letting him in by feelings of doubt. She always reminded me to keep my faith restored, and never give up faith and hope.

I will get the strength together to get in my car and head on over. I just hate seeing her so restricted, brings back horrible memories. I will fight through it and hold her hand...

Dropped Bre off this morning at school and my baby never cried so hard. She didn't want me to leave. This is her 3rd week in school and this was the first time she did this. She senses something is not right. She knew I wasn't goin to work dressed in shorts & flip flops. When we pull up to the house, she thinks grandma is in the house, but I have to remind her that she is not there and remind her that she is in the hospital. Bre misses her Grandma and actually Nalla (our rott) does too. Nalla has just been pacing back and forth lookin as if no one loves her. =( I will be goin to Bre's school to drop off some cupcakes for her class since she was not in school for her birthday.

Anticipating some good news at some point today...

Heavenly Father, please continue to work your miracles. Place your wisdom inside ALL staff that comes in contact with my mom. Only you know all the answers. Heal her Lord and keep her faith and strength alive. You are the only one I can depend on and trust. I love you. Amen.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She's Strong...

Yes my mama is the epitome of what a strong woman is.

I have been by my mamas side and watched her go through sooo many things due to her health issues.

With all that she has gone through, she has NEVER given up.
Just to name a few things she has gone through, here are a few:

  • More than 1 open heart surgeries

  • She has a mechanical valve

  • Has a trach

  • Was diabetic - thank God not any more

  • Was infected with the Staph infection when she was hospitalized for 3 months...I believe this was in 2006.

Since all of this...

Last year she endured the removal of cancerous tissue in the breast. Had chemotherapy followed by grueling radiation therapy. A year later at a mammogram appointment, the cancer is back. It was a hard decision but she decided to go thru with the double mastectomy. As you can imagine the pace your mind goes and the emotions you go through. She understands it was better by far to get rid of the boobies and have the opportunity to do what we love to do which is spending time with loved ones OR she could have just left them on and went through the chemo again. No one wants to go through that mess over and over again.

Well...mastectomy was yesterday. She came out great looked great. Today these procedures are actually same day procedures but due to her existing conditions her Dr. wanted to keep her overnight to monitor. Well, its a good thing he did keep her as her blood pressure was a little on the low side and continued to be on the low side.

While I was visiting her yesterday she mentioned she felt something dripping. It was indeed blood dripping form her bandages. She informed me that it leaked more throughout the night. Dr. Morton came in today and regretted to inform her that she will need to go back to the OR as they assume she is bleeding internally somewhere and they need to see what is goin on.

If course my mom was devastated and miserable as she hates being in the hospital. She feels so strongly about not staying in the hospital because she caught Mersa while she was there years ago which is what caused the 3 month stay at the hospital, with a multi-organ failure. It was horrible. We truly thought we were losing her, but man oh man...MY GOD IS A GREAT GOD!!! She was there so long...she forgot what her house looked like, had to learnhow to write again and had to learn how to re-write again.

You may find that people get released alot quicker these days as this is the reason why. Please take note that hospitals are NOT the only places you can catch the infection. GYMS are very popular places as well, so be aware of your surroundings were germs are super active.

She is currently in surgery now, I am waiting for a phone call from my dad. I have Bre which explains why I am not down there as well. In a little bit though I will head down and drop Bre off with one of our BEST neighbors who is practically family. My mom & dad have THE BEST neighbors around. I have never seen such a tight knit group of neighbors ever. One of them is a nurse and went to be with my mom for a few hours and kept all the other nurses on their toes. She also aided me when I went in for labor. God is good.

Thank you for all the prayers, love and support...

Stay prayered up!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Things That Make you Go...WTH!!!???

What would you say or do if you really saw somethin like this with your own two eyes?

Somebody please tell Ricky we found his shoes...

Half a track is always an option...

Lets take bets on how she wipes...what is really underneath those claws??

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!


...grumble grumble... Several rules have been broke here....and why is the baby toe playin peek-a-boo!? Toes could have at least been polished and on point...smh...these toes have committed suicide and jumped overboard...didnt have too far to go...


Butterscotch Lifesaver Roll

Please say it aint so! I think ya betta let it go... people are NOT the only ghetto ones!!!

Not sure why this photo immediately reminds me of Luda...maybe its just the actual cut...I dunno...but I am mad at my brotha for this one...

Acrylic toenails? So not attractive....sorry. (These anyway)...

Thank God, not my people....well I dunno...I can't tell. Im not claiming them...

Them eyebrows are bangin!!! NOT...sweetie, come on!


Having More Issues...

Ok, I had a problem with accessing my own blog a few months ago, that automatically fixed itself NOW I am having issues with leaving a comment!

I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading and trying to leave comments and I can't! I keep getting redirected to the log in page! Very frustrating! I can't even leave a comment on my own post...what kinda mess is that.

Good thing I couldn't leave a post on someones blog, I think that was God intervening!
Tamika...I visited your blog thanks for the award sista! I tried to leave a comment for you, but I can't! =(

Anyone else havin issues?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Stinker Turns 4 in a few hours!

OMG...the Tasmanian devil turns 4 in a few hours.

Okay, we had a little somethin somethin at the house for her today, very small scale. Was gonna have her normal BIG party on a different day, but after her attitude today, I have quickly changed my mind.

Hopefully I don't sound too cruel, but I got a nice reality check today.
I have noticed that my daughter is unappreciative of the new things she gets because she already has so much. This is the 3rd time I have watched this behavior. I noticed this on her last birthday when she turned 3, then this past Christmas and then today.

I think I struggled with callin it is what it is. At first like on her bday, I was thinking..maybe it was because she was overwhelmed with the amount of items she had to open. Well now, I have paid attention and I was actually a little embarrassed today. =( Bre would open up gifts and I would ask her what it was, and her response was "I dunno!" and kept on to the next. So...she will NOT be havin a bigger party and prob won't unwrap another gift until Christmas Day.

Hopefully I am not sounding too harsh, however, my daughter needs to appreciate what she has. It is my fault because yes, she has just about everything she wants and never wants for anything. I always hoped to never create a monster, but I think I have done just that. I will take the next following months to re-evaluate the situation...try to find ways to have her understand that she is a blessed child and is loved by many.

I know she is only 4 and she only understands so much, but man, I don't know what to do. I do realize that every year we do not have to have a big she will have another bday when she turns 5 and we will try again.

She also had a little DIVA attitude because I let her wear her hair half down, and she was prancing all over the place..Lord help me! I know alot comes with the age but where do we as parents draw the line!?

I need advice!!! If you have experienced this please offer some words of wisdom. Maybe I am taking it out of context? Help!

Here are a few pics to back up what I mean...

This was Christmas Day...she was a terror...I wished her back to bed...

Not all were hers, but sad to say 80% of them were...I know shame!
These were ONLY bins that were emptied, but on top of that she has 2 toy boxes.. (at the time) but now have attempted to condense since our move...Man..embarassing...Im workin on it though.
Bins emptied...

Missin the Bestest Nana!

Shame on me for bein late in posting this...I started this earlier this morning but got too teary eyed to finish. Wrote a little blurb on my Facebook for you Nana as soon as I woke up.

You were the first person I thought of when I opened my eyes. I have thought of all the happenings that have been goin on since you have been gone. There are definitely some good moments and definitely some disappointing moments.

As I was posting to Facebook, I immediately thought of my girlfriend Rochelle that just recently lost her grandmother...I knew immediately how she felt, losing the rock of her family. She is also feeling the aftermath of how families can easily crumble after our rocks leave.

We just have to remember that you didn't leave us, we just can't see your physical presence. I know you are around me daily, in my spiritual presence.

Nana some crazy things have been goin on...and I cannot count the times I almost reached for the phone to call you discuss the good the bad and the ugly!

I know Miss Bre keeps you in stitches. She would truly love you and adore you if she had a chance to know you. She sees your pictures all the time and knows that you are Nana! She speaks of your name like she remembers you, maybe she does.

As we usually do annually, we went on a cruise a few weeks ago and it just was not the same for a few reasons. There were a few firsts that I experienced.
1.) You were not there
2.) Reggie was not there
3.) And Bre traveled on a ship for the very first time.

So many times as I walked on deck and expected to see you in the lounge chair reading your Bible, or expecting to see you in the lunch buffet line, or me coming back tot he cabin and yo asking me if Im ready for the midnight buffet...and you just weren't there. I remember the year we went on the cruise and you ate so much you claimed your clothes shrunk and it was possibly the night Nana you were just eating too much! LOL...I was young enough where I was so too gullible to believe you!

Nana I miss you so much, words cannot express. I will continue to celebrate your birthday and tell you Happy Birthday as if I was sitting on your lap. You always invited me to sit on your lap, no matter how big I got! I remember you also invited me to hold your hand while you went to handle your business in the Man I miss you woman! Love you lots!

Happy Birthday Boo!

Cheers to you!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Entertainment Week of 6/13/11

His wife has left him and his church is in ruins. What’s next for Bishop Eddie Long? Last week, it was revealed that Long agreed to pay four young men $ 25 million for sexual misconduct. He also gave them a private apology. The first offer was for $12 million and a public apology, but Long refused. The Bishop needs money, and many feel his megachurch in Atlanta may fold by the end of the year. His long suffering wife Vanessa has reportedly moved out with one of their children. The scandal proved to be too much to bear.

Is Jennifer Hudson being honest about her weight loss? Hudson had to be rushed to the hospital with stomach issues following an appearance on Good Morning America. It was first reported she suffered food poisoning, but then it was reported she was having complications from a lapband surgery performed two years ago. Hudson looks great with her 80 pound weight loss. She just signed a million dollar deal to write a book talking about losing weight and maintaining her size, but did she get a little help? She has been a major spokesperson for Weight Watchers, and if this is true, it would hurt her credibility. Spokespeople for Hudson have been quiet. Hudson has also signed on for the new Three Stooges movie.

What was he thinking? This is the question many are asking Tracy Morgan since the popular actor/comedian went on a homophobic rant at a comedy show in Nashville. Audience members were appalled at his performance where he denounced gays, and then he said he would stab his son if his son said he was gay. Morgan has since apologized, but he clearly forgot who his audience really is.

Katt Williams is in trouble again. This time he got arrested for throwing rocks at a tractor trailer truck driver. Williams needs help because he continues to ruin his career.

Get well wishes to E Street Band Member Clarence Clemons. The most famous saxophone player in the world has suffered a stroke. For years he played with Bruce Springsteen. The big man teamed up with Springsteen in 1971, and was prominently featured on the hits Thunder Road and Born To Run. In the 80’s, he teamed up with Aretha Franklin on her classic Freeway Of Love. Clemons is 69-years old.

Shaquille O’Neal recently retired from the NBA. He is about to become a part of the Good Morning America team, but first he has to deal with a criminal case. Seven gang members allegedly kidnapped, assaulted and robbed a man who claimed he had a sex tape of Shaq and other women made while Shaq was married to Shaunie O’Neal. The man, Robert Ross, also claimed to have had an affair with Shaunie himself. Shaq is friends with the gang members. Did he have anything to do with this?

Former Talk Show Host Montel Williams has opened a weed pharmacy in Sacramento, California. Williams is a longtime supporter of medical marijuana, which is legal in California. Williams suffers from MS.

Is Jennifer Lopez thinking of leaving American Idol? In a recent interview, Lopez says she is undecided about returning to the show. She was a big hit last season with Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. I doubt if she will leave. American Idol has been the best thing to happen to her in years.

Motherhood Is The Hardest Job In The World! In a recent interview with OK magazine, Mariah Carey talked about the twins, hubby Nick Cannon and how much motherhood entails.

Cedric The Entertainer is getting a game show on NBC. The show is called, It’s Worth What?, is about the values of hidden treasures in the attics and garages of America. The show debuts July 12th. Cedric will also be in the new Tom Hanks movie, Larry Crowne, which also stars Julia Roberts.

Congratulations to Actress Nia Long. She is pregnant with her second child. She also has an 11-year old son, Massai. Long’s latest movie, Mooz-lum with Evan Ross, is now out on DVD.

Garcelle Beauvais has a hot new show on TNT called Franklin & Bash, and according to reports, a hot new romance with Oscar Winner Sean Penn. Beauvais recently divorced her husband, Talent Agent Mike Nilon, for his years of cheating. They have twin sons, Jax and Jaid.

Ebony magazine celebrates the 50 finest. It’s a dual covers issue with Taraji P. Henson and Tyrese. Henson is also headed to TV this fall playing a detective in the CBS drama Person Of Interest.

Danny Glover is teaming up with Kiefer Sutherland for the FOX drama Touch. The show is about a father and son who predict events before they happen.

Reality Star Tami Roman from Basketball Wives has released a new book The B.I.T.C.H. Chronicles. I had a chance to talk to Roman, and she says she hopes the book helps women and men. She also says contrary to popular belief there is more to her than just fighting.

Raven-SymonĂ© is featured on the latest edition of Jet magazine. SymonĂ© rose to fame as “Olivia” on The Cosby Show followed by her Disney smash That’s So Raven. Now she returns to TV in the ABC Family series The State Of Georgia. The show debuts Wednesday at 8:30pm on June 29th and also stars Loretta Devine.

Morgan Freeman is getting a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute. The 74-year old Oscar winner is best known for his movies Glory, The Shawshank Redemption, Driving Miss Daisy, Evan Almighty and Million Dollar Baby. Previous honorees for this award include Sidney Poitier, Clint Eastwood, Steven Spielberg and Elizabeth Taylor.

Music Executive Clive Davis, the driving force behind Whitney Houston, says he will not work with the superstar until her voice returns. Houston's voice has suffered because of years of drug abuse.

Sly Stone has pleaded not guilty to possession of cocaine. The 68-year old former lead singer of Sly & The Family Stone was arrested earlier this year for cocaine possession. Stone has been known for freebasing cocaine. He was recently released from the hospital last week suffering from heart issues.

Jill Scott’s new CD, The Light Of The Sun, comes out Tuesday. Scott is about to go on tour with the Budweiser Superfest. She will be at The Susquehanna Bank Center, Saturday, August 6th with Anthony Hamilton, Mint Condition, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Doug E Fresh, who is hosting the concert.

Was it just a publicity stunt? Why did Hugh Hefner’s 24-year old girlfriend dump him five days before their wedding? Hefner, 85, is said to be heartbroken. His young girlfriend got tired of the charade, and has reportedly run off with the son of Dr. Phil.

Stevie Wonder, who was recently inducted into the Apollo Theatre Hall Of Fame, says he is working on a new album, his first in six years.

The First Lady is coming to Nickelodeon. First Lady Michelle Obama will be on the TV show iCarly. She’s teaming up with the cable network to promote her Joining Forces initiative which seeks to increase awareness and support for military forces.

Hot on the heels of getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Chaka Khan is working on a new album of duets. Akon and Steven Tyler have already signed on for the project.

Beyonce is the cover girl for the latest issue of Essence magazine, and her new CD, 4, comes out June 28th.

Halle Berry is returning to TV. The Oscar and Emmy winner will play a college professor in a project called Higher Learning. It is currently being shopped to HBO and Showtime.

Actor Laurence Fishburne is leaving the CBS show C.S.I. Fishburne joined the cast in 2008. He has decided not to renew his contract.

Now that Katie Couric has signed a deal with ABC News, word has it her new talk show, which debuts September 2012, will bump the soap opera General Hospital in many markets.

Tyler Perry just finished filming his new movie Good Deeds. The movie, starring Thandie Newton, Gabrielle Union, Brian White, Phylicia Rashad, Beverly Johnson and Eddie Cibrian, opens in theatres February 24th. In other Tyler Perry news, his latest Madea project, A Madea Christmas, will be out on DVD just in time for the holidays.

Singer Tamia is hard at work on a new album. Beautiful Surprise is due out this fall.

Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick is gearing up to release his autobiography. Finally Free arrives in bookstores July 27th. Tony Dungy is doing the forward. In his book, Vick talks about his life: his youth growing up in Virginia, playing for the Atlanta Falcons, the dog fighting scandal, going to prison and landing with the Eagles.

Kindred The Family Soul is releasing a new CD called Love Has No Recession. Raheem DeVaughn, Chuck Brown, Lady Alma and Carol Riddick are featured on the album which comes out June 28th.

Jill Scott, Kem, Kirk Franklin and Kevin Hart will be joining Steve Harvey in Las Vegas for The Hoodie Awards, August 11-14th.

Actress Kerry Washington will be staring in the new Shonda Rhimes produced-TV drama Scandal. Rhimes is known for her TV smashes Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Scandal debuts this fall on ABC.

Get ready for Men In Black III on Memorial weekend 2012 as Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return to action with Josh Brolin.

Aretha Franklin’s latest album, A Woman Falling Out Of Love, is available at Wal-Mart stores.

Actress Naturi Naughton, who used to sing with the group 3LW, has joined the cast of the NBC-TV show The Playboy Club. The show debuts this fall.

Melba Moore is about to release her first album in 20 years. Moore says her latest effort, Forever Moore, is coming out this summer.

Queen Latifah is teaming up with the Home Shopping Network. Latifah is introducing a clothing line as well as accessories. Sizes are 2-24. The Queen Collection will also have handbags and debuts on HSN in August. Latifah was recently inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame and she’s also teaming up with Kirk Franklin for a movie project due out in January 2012.

Singer Lenny Kravitz will be starring in the movie Hunger Games, and his new album, Black And White America, comes out August 30th.

The BET Awards will air live on June 26th with Comedian Kevin Hart as this year’s host. Hart is on a roll. He’ll be starring in the movie version of Steve Harvey’s best-selling book Act Like A Lady… Think Like A Man with Producer Will Packer (Obsessed, This Christmas, Takers and Stomp The Yard) as director. Actresses Gabrielle Union and Taraji P. Henson have been added to the cast along with Michael Ealy. Hart’s latest comedy tour, Laugh At My Pain, is coming to theatres this fall.

In more BET Awards news, Chris Brown leads the pack with 6 nominations. Kanye West, Rihanna and Drake are up for four each with acting nominations for Halle Berry, Idris Elba, Regina King, Laz Alonso and Taraji P. Henson. Jaden and Willow Smith are also up for awards along with Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick, who’s up for Sportsman Of The Year. Alicia Keys will be performing at the BET Awards as she celebrates the 10th anniversary of her debut album, Songs In A Minor, which is being re-released as a deluxe edition on June 28th. Jill Scott is also performing at the BET Awards, and this year’s big honorees include Steve Harvey and Patti LaBelle.

The TV One network has kicked off a new season of their Unsung music series. The new season features Deniece Williams and The Spinners followed by Alexander O’Neal & Cherrelle on June 20th, Big Daddy Kane on June 27th, The Ohio Players on July 4th and Evelyn “Champaign” King on July 11th.

Mary J. Blige is ready to start work on her new film project. Blige will be starring in a movie based on the life of Jazz Great Nina Simone. Mary is also releasing My Life II: The Journey Continues in September.

The 2011 summer season for The Dell Music Center has been announced. Look for some exciting changes this season, including a new night. Thursday will be the new concert night more Monday concerts. The Box Office at 33rd and Ridge will be open Wed through Saturday. A gazebo is being built for coverage in the front. Video screens will be added so you can really enjoy the shows. A marquee is being added in the front to announce the shows. There will be more concessions stands with a better variety of food, including fruit. You can pre-register for tickets at The Dell East Music Center is located at 33rd and Ridge Avenue. The season kicks off June 23rd with Nancy Wilson and Najee, and the rest of the line up is scheduled as:

July 7th – Angie Stone and Joe;
July 14th- Stephanie Mills and Keith Washington;
July 21st - A Tribute To The Sound Of Philadelphia starring The Delfonics, Jean Carne, Russell Thompkins, Jr. & The New Stylistics, The Jones Girls, and “The Iceman” Jerry Butler;

July 28th - Ginuwine, Tank and Avant;

August 4th - Fred Hammond, Martha Munizzi and E. Daniels;

August 11th- Jeffrey Osborne and Kindred the Family Soul

August 18th – Will Downing, Kirk Whalum and Gerald Albright;

August 25th- Rachelle Ferrell and Angela Winbush;

The Wawa Welcome America celebration has quite a lineup. On June 23rd, it’s Nancy Wilson in concert at The Dell Music Center. Aaron Neville and Gerald Veasley will be appearing at Penns Landing, and on Monday, July 4th, it’s The Roots, Earth Wind & Fire, Jazzy Jeff, Michael McDonald, Estelle and a tribute to Gamble & Huff and the 40th anniversary of Philadelphia International Records at the Art Museum.

The new season of the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm kicks off July 10th for its eighth season.

The Bynum Brothers are getting ready to unveil a new venture: Green Soul, 7169 Ogontz Avenue. It’s a new healthy food restaurant opening July 1st.

The West Oak Lane Jazz And Arts Festival returns to Ogontz Avenue this Friday, June 17th through the 19th with Chaka Khan, The Men Of Soul (Jeffrey Osborne/Peabo Bryson/Freddie Jackson/Howard Hewett), Chrisette Michele and Roy Ayers. Chaka Khan is also working on a new album with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Nelson Mandela is coming out with a book of quotes. Nelson Mandela By Himself features over 2,000 quotes pulled from public speeches and private papers. The former president of Soth Africa turns 93 in July.

WHAT’S THE UNDERGROUND BUZZ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Hollywood Beauty is trying to keep a significant other under wraps, but will she still be able to in about 9 months?

Special Events!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ledisi is coming to the Sound Of Market on 11th Street, between Market and Chestnut, Tuesday, June 21st between 11:30 and 1:30.

Friday, June 24th Sound Of Philly Night With The Phillies. Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff will be presenting awards to Chubby Checker, Dee Dee Sharp, and Jerry Butler. The Phils open a series against the OaklandA’s, and outside Citizens Bank Park will be a free concert before the game.

The Upscale Independence Affair hosted by R Kelly is happening Sunday, July 3rd at The Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware. Yes! R Kelly will be there. Join me, Shamara, Doc B, Cosmic Kev, DJ Mont and Big B for a fabulous party as R Kelly wraps up the first leg of his tour. The Chase Center is located 815 Justison Street in Wilmington, Delaware. It’s the official R Kelly after party and for more info go to

The 2011 West Oak Lane Jazz And Arts Festival June 17-19th. For The Love Of Music will feature Chaka Khan; The Men Of Soul: Jeffrey Osborne, Howard Hewitt, Freddie Jackson and Peabo Bryson; Norman Conners; Christian McBride; Chrisette Michele; Eddie Palimieri; Roy Ayers; Gerald Veasley; Bootsie Barnes and The Philadelphia Jazz Heritage Ensemble, to name a few. The festival is happening between 71st and 74th Streets on Ogontz Avenue.

Check out who’s coming to town:

This Sunday, June 19th – Sade and John Legend in concert at the Wells Fargo Center(formerly the Wachovia Center).

July 1st & July 3rd – Earth, Wind & Fire at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

Friday, July 1st - The Foxxhole Comedy Jam hosted by Jamie Foxx featuring Earthquake, Lavell Crawford, Aries Spears, and Tony Roberts The Circus Maximus Theatre inside of Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.

Saturday, July 2nd- Sade at Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

July 3rd- R Kelly, Keyshia Cole and Marsha Ambrosius at The Mann Center For The Performing Arts, 52nd and Parkside.

July 3rd – Jamie Foxx in concert at The House Of Blues in Atlantic City..

Sunay, July 24th- Charlie Wilson & Keith Sweat in concert, 7pm at The Dell Music Center, 33rd and Ridge Avenue.

Saturday, July 30th- The Rick Watson stage play For Better Or For Worse Starring Yvette Money, Actor Tank, John Canada Terrell, WDAS’ own Mimi Brown and Singer Tony Terry at the Merriam Theatre for more info call 215-893-1999

Saturday, August 6th- The Whispers & Eric Benet at the Dell Music Center, 33rd and Ridge Avenue.

August 8th- Janet Jackson at the Tower Theatre, 69th Streetin Upper Darby.

Monday, August 15th – Breakwater, K.C. & The Sunshine Band and Mandrill at the Dell Music Center, 33rd and Ridge Avenue.

August 21st- It’s a celebration for Radio Icon Lady B, Public Enemy, Salt N Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, Cash Money and Kenny Gamble. They’re all getting special honors by the city at the Dell Music Center, 33rd and Ridge Avenue.

Wednesday, August 24th- The O’Jays, The Four Tops and The Stylistics at the Mann Center For The Performing Arts, 52nd Street and Parkside Avenue.

September 3rd- Atlantic City Comedy Festival starring Mike Epps, Sommore, Sheryl Underwood, Bruce-Bruce and Arnez J at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. For more info contact

Sunday, September 4th- Frankie Beverly & Maze and DJ Kool at the Dell East Music Center, 33rd and Ridge Avenue.

Friday, September 16th- Kem at the Mann Center For The Performing Arts, 52nd Street and Parkside Avenue.

April 10th, 2012- Cirque De Soleil Show featuring the music of Michael Jackson at the Wells Fargo Center (formerly the Wachovia Center).
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