Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Stinker Turns 4 in a few hours!

OMG...the Tasmanian devil turns 4 in a few hours.

Okay, we had a little somethin somethin at the house for her today, very small scale. Was gonna have her normal BIG party on a different day, but after her attitude today, I have quickly changed my mind.

Hopefully I don't sound too cruel, but I got a nice reality check today.
I have noticed that my daughter is unappreciative of the new things she gets because she already has so much. This is the 3rd time I have watched this behavior. I noticed this on her last birthday when she turned 3, then this past Christmas and then today.

I think I struggled with callin it is what it is. At first like on her bday, I was thinking..maybe it was because she was overwhelmed with the amount of items she had to open. Well now, I have paid attention and I was actually a little embarrassed today. =( Bre would open up gifts and I would ask her what it was, and her response was "I dunno!" and kept on to the next. So...she will NOT be havin a bigger party and prob won't unwrap another gift until Christmas Day.

Hopefully I am not sounding too harsh, however, my daughter needs to appreciate what she has. It is my fault because yes, she has just about everything she wants and never wants for anything. I always hoped to never create a monster, but I think I have done just that. I will take the next following months to re-evaluate the situation...try to find ways to have her understand that she is a blessed child and is loved by many.

I know she is only 4 and she only understands so much, but man, I don't know what to do. I do realize that every year we do not have to have a big she will have another bday when she turns 5 and we will try again.

She also had a little DIVA attitude because I let her wear her hair half down, and she was prancing all over the place..Lord help me! I know alot comes with the age but where do we as parents draw the line!?

I need advice!!! If you have experienced this please offer some words of wisdom. Maybe I am taking it out of context? Help!

Here are a few pics to back up what I mean...

This was Christmas Day...she was a terror...I wished her back to bed...

Not all were hers, but sad to say 80% of them were...I know shame!
These were ONLY bins that were emptied, but on top of that she has 2 toy boxes.. (at the time) but now have attempted to condense since our move...Man..embarassing...Im workin on it though.
Bins emptied...


  1. Rough one, Mom! Maybe you could have her go through her toys to find some things she would like to donate to a shelter or something. Then she won't have as much and will start to value the idea of charity... ? ?

  2. Hi Tricia! I definitely agree with Trina because my youngest daughter was like that when she was younger so I put her in my "forced share" program. I would not only have her give to charities but to friends and family,that way she would still have to see it and know it was no longer hers. I also started having her buy gifts for her sister and when she did her christmas list she had to do one for the gifts she was going to buy and give away. another effective thing was for one birthday party I asked everyone not to bring a gift and I explained to her that gifts are not mandatory, that weekend I allowed my family to give their gifts but I didn't make a big deal of her opening them and she woud get in trouble if she asked for a gift. Sounds a little harsh but I believe in breaking bad habits young and she is a very giving teenager now.

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