Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She's Strong...

Yes my mama is the epitome of what a strong woman is.

I have been by my mamas side and watched her go through sooo many things due to her health issues.

With all that she has gone through, she has NEVER given up.
Just to name a few things she has gone through, here are a few:

  • More than 1 open heart surgeries

  • She has a mechanical valve

  • Has a trach

  • Was diabetic - thank God not any more

  • Was infected with the Staph infection when she was hospitalized for 3 months...I believe this was in 2006.

Since all of this...

Last year she endured the removal of cancerous tissue in the breast. Had chemotherapy followed by grueling radiation therapy. A year later at a mammogram appointment, the cancer is back. It was a hard decision but she decided to go thru with the double mastectomy. As you can imagine the pace your mind goes and the emotions you go through. She understands it was better by far to get rid of the boobies and have the opportunity to do what we love to do which is spending time with loved ones OR she could have just left them on and went through the chemo again. No one wants to go through that mess over and over again.

Well...mastectomy was yesterday. She came out great looked great. Today these procedures are actually same day procedures but due to her existing conditions her Dr. wanted to keep her overnight to monitor. Well, its a good thing he did keep her as her blood pressure was a little on the low side and continued to be on the low side.

While I was visiting her yesterday she mentioned she felt something dripping. It was indeed blood dripping form her bandages. She informed me that it leaked more throughout the night. Dr. Morton came in today and regretted to inform her that she will need to go back to the OR as they assume she is bleeding internally somewhere and they need to see what is goin on.

If course my mom was devastated and miserable as she hates being in the hospital. She feels so strongly about not staying in the hospital because she caught Mersa while she was there years ago which is what caused the 3 month stay at the hospital, with a multi-organ failure. It was horrible. We truly thought we were losing her, but man oh man...MY GOD IS A GREAT GOD!!! She was there so long...she forgot what her house looked like, had to learnhow to write again and had to learn how to re-write again.

You may find that people get released alot quicker these days as this is the reason why. Please take note that hospitals are NOT the only places you can catch the infection. GYMS are very popular places as well, so be aware of your surroundings were germs are super active.

She is currently in surgery now, I am waiting for a phone call from my dad. I have Bre which explains why I am not down there as well. In a little bit though I will head down and drop Bre off with one of our BEST neighbors who is practically family. My mom & dad have THE BEST neighbors around. I have never seen such a tight knit group of neighbors ever. One of them is a nurse and went to be with my mom for a few hours and kept all the other nurses on their toes. She also aided me when I went in for labor. God is good.

Thank you for all the prayers, love and support...

Stay prayered up!


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