Sunday, June 26, 2011

Missin the Bestest Nana!

Shame on me for bein late in posting this...I started this earlier this morning but got too teary eyed to finish. Wrote a little blurb on my Facebook for you Nana as soon as I woke up.

You were the first person I thought of when I opened my eyes. I have thought of all the happenings that have been goin on since you have been gone. There are definitely some good moments and definitely some disappointing moments.

As I was posting to Facebook, I immediately thought of my girlfriend Rochelle that just recently lost her grandmother...I knew immediately how she felt, losing the rock of her family. She is also feeling the aftermath of how families can easily crumble after our rocks leave.

We just have to remember that you didn't leave us, we just can't see your physical presence. I know you are around me daily, in my spiritual presence.

Nana some crazy things have been goin on...and I cannot count the times I almost reached for the phone to call you discuss the good the bad and the ugly!

I know Miss Bre keeps you in stitches. She would truly love you and adore you if she had a chance to know you. She sees your pictures all the time and knows that you are Nana! She speaks of your name like she remembers you, maybe she does.

As we usually do annually, we went on a cruise a few weeks ago and it just was not the same for a few reasons. There were a few firsts that I experienced.
1.) You were not there
2.) Reggie was not there
3.) And Bre traveled on a ship for the very first time.

So many times as I walked on deck and expected to see you in the lounge chair reading your Bible, or expecting to see you in the lunch buffet line, or me coming back tot he cabin and yo asking me if Im ready for the midnight buffet...and you just weren't there. I remember the year we went on the cruise and you ate so much you claimed your clothes shrunk and it was possibly the night Nana you were just eating too much! LOL...I was young enough where I was so too gullible to believe you!

Nana I miss you so much, words cannot express. I will continue to celebrate your birthday and tell you Happy Birthday as if I was sitting on your lap. You always invited me to sit on your lap, no matter how big I got! I remember you also invited me to hold your hand while you went to handle your business in the Man I miss you woman! Love you lots!

Happy Birthday Boo!

Cheers to you!


  1. I miss her too Trisha! The relationship that you two had was like no other. Thank you for sharing her with me when we were kids! I will never forget the walk-a-thon at Venice beach or the countless airshows! She was my Nana too!!!! Love you sis!

  2. It is amazing how we can feel our loved ones spirit in our children. My daughters have a relationship with my mother even though she passed before they were born. They have so many of her good qualities it just amazes me. You are a beautiful reflection of your Nana.


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