Monday, March 19, 2012

Ooops! I did it again! Retreat Recap

Dang...I know its been a minute...didn't realize it had been this long!

Well, I will hop back on my blog and get you caught up on what I am doin!
Just had a great weekend with 10 other ladies at a Scrap Retreat, it was awesome. When we get together we always have a great time! Tons of food, laughs, jokes etc. Getting a chance to bond with ladies that I haven't seen in months, but when we get together its like we never missed a beat! Shout out to Janice, Marie, Melissa, Rochelle, Wendy, Jennifer P., Beth, Christy, Kim and Aimee! had a great time ladies!

Here is a quick snapshot from my table...

It was COLD weekend, I tell you! It was also St. Pattys weekend. So...I did warn everyone that did not have on green was getting pinched! I had on green, as you can see the photo below.
Here is a peek of my new get down. I ordered this from some hardware website, the box is made by Plano...the top opens up, and then the second compartment opens up and has 3 drawers there. The bottom compartment is like a pull out compartment. Its on wheels and I like it, I think I like it more after using it the first time this past weekend. I had ordered it in November and finally altered it last week right before my retreat. I put Pink / Black Zebra print (duct tape) on the inside as well..., plastered some photos and bling on there as well...I'm pleased with the results. I had to Mod Podge the whole thing afterwards...
I wanted to give me sista from anotha mista a shout out! Miss Wendy Crafts...If you are into mixed media, I suggest you take a little visit over to her blog! She makes all kinds of cool stuff!
I couldn't believe she had me on the floor past 10pm on my knees looking through the oven door watchin her Shrinky Dinks Shrink! Just like a kid, the oohs and aaahs were was hilarious! So if you get a moment, please visit her blog and get inspired!


  1. OK I forgive you for being gone because it looks like you had a scrapping good time! I love your St. Patty's day git up! You got a lot of dunk in ya trunk that's HOT!!!!

  2. You funny....LOL!...Maybe it was just the tutu? LOL! Well ok, I got a little somethin somethin...I got it from my mama!

  3. Dont mess with your tu-tu, do that, too cute! My girls are trying to get me in a tuttu for the breast cancer walk this year, we will see about that. It looks like you all had a great time, did you get a lot done, lemme see, lemme see, lol.

  4. I love your blog! I can't wait to see more art journals!


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