Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love my Kit Club!!!

Do you ever receive "Happy Mail?" All mail isn't bad mail...I don't know what you receive in your mailbox, but I can tell you that at least once a month, I get some yummy goods delivered!

Since the economy took a hit there are hardly any scrap stores to buy our beloved supplies! So...what better way to keep up with the goods! Join a monthly kit club!

I have been a member of at least 3 clubs...not all at the same time, but out of the 3....this far has been the best! LOVE THE SCRAP ROOM....if you don't know you betta ask somebody!

They give you the option to purchase extras (add-ons) to your monthly kit. On top of the monthly kit...I have added on the cardstock monthly subscription and embellishments. You can never have enough of either...........................ok.....................Im lyin...cuz yeah I know I have too many embellies..but it really sounds weird to admit that...but so what! I bought it all and I will use it day!

Here are the sweet goodies we got this month:

Monthly Kit - Actually contains 4 kits. They individually package these 4 collections...and its stored in plastic...very nice way to keep a kit / project together.

The Embellishments Provided for this month....- all good...

More Cardstock.....YES!!!

If you do not belong to a monthly kit club, check this one out! I strongly recommend it! It will keep you out of the stores Enjoy my scrappy friends!


  1. Oh I had no idea you were a member. I just couldn't resist this month and was so gitty last night when the white box showed up at my door! I plan to try and work with it tonight or something from that stack lol!

  2. Yes! I can't wait to play with mine! Isn't it funny how we grown wen get like a kid in a candy store when we get some paper and whatchamacallits at our doorsteps!!!! LOL!!!! I got mine on Tuesday...we should create each month and see what we come up with! Shoot I can scrap with you via Internet!

  3. Ooo Tricia, I love happy mail! Have fun with yours! Kim


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