Sunday, April 1, 2012

{Layouts & ZUMBA!!!}

Got together with my sista from another mista and did some scrappin in her transforming woman cave! Cant wait to scrap in your space again!
Anyhow, we both got a few things done here are a few...
(Most of these pics are 6x8 photos)...a few finally from my October's Girls Getaway Cruise which was fantabulous!
Caption states: "Whew! I know we don't appear AFRAID but umm....YES WE WERE! We had a wild hair stuck up our you know what and decided to pay money to take a picture with this WILD animal! There was also a lion that we posed with. It took a great ordeal for this tiger to stop growling! But we put our BIG GIRL PANTIES on and did it! We felt on top of the world! LOL! Super funny!"....
Yeah don't ask what we were thinking...the crazy part is we WAITED while the WILD ANIMAL CALMED DOWN!!! I know...stop shaking your head!

Me, Alondra and Azeb taking one of the many photo opps there on the ship, this was the captains cocktail night / dinner.
Posing for the picture before boarding!! We were super hyped!
On another note.........................ZUMBA for the Wii is the bomb!! If you are looking for a high intensity workout and can't make it to the gym...try Zumba!! I honestly feel like I was at the gym taking the class. All the teachers on the game appeared so real! I was shakin it hard too! I am incoporating this in my 30 day challenge!
I have a trip to Hawaii I am needing to prepare for!
If you are looking for a pure cardio and fun work out, try Zumba and the Black Eye Peas Experience. The Black Eye Peas experience is alot like the Micheal Jackson Experience, same concept...however the intensity is higher on the BEP Experience. Try them both if you can! These games I have played on my Wii...they may be on other game systems!
Good luck!


  1. Tamika & I were just saying how you sure get out and DO YOU! I love the girlz layouts just fabulous!!! And on the older post I wasn't talking about your derrière I really meant the trunk &)

    1. Girl I really thought you were talking about my assets!! Lol! I had to talk a double take and look! Lol!!!


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