Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oooh...I need to get it TOGETHER!

Wow......time sure does fly by, like a DC20 aircraft!

Somethin told me to check on my blog for some odd reason, not sure. well nevermind...someone led me there and I chose to click on my sista friend Alondra's blog and it truly spoke to me...

Yeah, I am behind on a lot and sure I have missed alot...summer has been busy as hell but you know what, I am glad that I have been here to enjoy it all!

Alondras blog was about a new birth being that she is hittin that age 40. Well I am not too far away from it myself considering how fast time flys!

I started to comment on her blog and then thought, damn, I need to go ahead and just update my blog...duh! My response to her, started off like this...

"Love the title! Love the blog it! Time is flying...and we need to make it all right...
I was looking in the mirror this evening and I wasn't quite happy with what I saw...need to get back to taking care of self, or how about just beginning to take care of self. Okay..maybe I need to update my blog with this?? ya sis!"..

So yeah...bottom line, I looked in the mirror and had a WTH moment...and MAYBE its because my cycle is knockin at the damn door again! UGH! I can't believe the amount of water my body holds at this time of the month..I strongly dislike it!! Anyhow, I need to get it back on track! For real...need to use my gym membership that is super dusty and utilize my time super wisely.

Well there's your update! I need to get it together...inside and out!

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