Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Recap: Artsy Fartsy'ness & QT With Her!

Quick recap on my weekend. This weekend I had my Bre Bre and we had a good one to say the least!
Friday, I helped out in her class, she always loves when mommy comes and helps her and her friends in her Kinder class. After class was dismissed we decided to go to the library. Fontana has an awesome Library which was built a few years ago. They have this awesome projection on the wall that kinda digitizes people as they walk by...(did I spell that right? Or is that even a word? I think you catch my drift!) can see us below...I tried to capture a pic of us on the wall...very cool!

Bre picking out some books...she got a total of 7 we need to make sure we read these bad boys in a week...lets do this! Reading is fundamental! These kids need to continue to learn about hands on in the library as our world continues to evolve around technology. Please make sure your children have library cards. =) Bre thinks hers is a credit card..she  hasn't quite gotten the concept that we are "borrowing" vs. "purchasing". All she sees is a card and she is equating that to an ATM card I
Saturday Morning, I tried to get out of playing Barbies for awhile...see playing Barbies requires physical work...usually on the This is maybe the only thing about being a single child that sucks cause you always have to beg mom to then she gets the nerve to get upset when I don't role play correctly! LOL!!! Anyways little girl!

Later on that day, we went to a park where she enjoyed swinging high. I remember the days she was so afraid of the swing, and then when she didn't know how to swing, now she tells me "don't worry mom!" when she starts swinging too high!!
**Met an interesting someone at the park...very interesting.

 Later that evening, my mommy served me some Golden Vanilla and that good ole Magic Shell! Whoop! Whoop! This is one of my all time favs and always yummier when its a scrapping treat!

 I got creative this weekend as well...and here is what I came up with. Played in my art journal, completed a few challenges...and got a little dirty... =)
Journaling Reads, "I cannot change yesterday, BUT I CAN change today!" True words...

I have a funny I received during SuperBowl....when the power went out....LOL!!! Love Sweet Brown!
 Me & Bre got artsy fartsy together!

 More Art Journaling: "BE Brave, BE True, BE You!"
 A layout challenge I did..., I am so tired...I will put links up in another post as I need to link it all up so I can be eligible for the contest. =) of my layouts just got deleted....alrighty then..patience

 Other work I did this weekend...

 "Always & forever love being artsy fartsy!"
 "to be true you must embrace the life that's calling you. Bloom and listen to the whispers in your soul"
Goodnight! Tomorrow is Monday...I need to be in bed!
Holla at ya girl when ya see me in the streets!

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  1. awww it looks like you guys had a great time!!


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