Thursday, December 10, 2015

{Crafters Just Wanna Have Fun!}

Me & Jolane AKA JoJo
Miss Jewel Lee!
Some of the crew representing WhoGivesaScrap!?
Laurie (host), Zenobia, Kwan, Alondra, JoJo, Jenn, Jewel Lee and yours truly!
Them girls...
Posing with a know we take photo ops seriously.... Lol
Me & Jenn
A few members and myself attended Angel Crafter's crops for over a decade!
Unfortunately, this was the last crop held at this location due to some silly rules in the space used.
I think one of the best things that comes out of crafting is the bonding amongst the many friends made!
I have met some awesome crafter's in this hobby that I love! WhoGivesaScrap!? Girls will miss the space, but truly hope to connect again soon!
Crafty time rocks!

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