Monday, November 8, 2010

It Coulda Been Worse...

Well to say the least, Monday morning was NOT the business....let me take you through the series of events that occurred before I even left the house...

Most of my readers know me personally and if ya don't know me too well you will soon find out more and more about me, so just read on, I will do my best to fill ya in and pretend you are reading my blog for the very first time.. =)

So let me take you back to the middle of the night, for starters I had woke up from a dream...and in the midst of waking up, noticed that someone had wet the bed...MY BED. SO I contemplate, do I get her up now or let her just sleep ( I know it may sound cruel, but the alarm was gonna go off shortly), so I let her be. SO I am immediately thinking, man, I gotta get this bedding my mom usually offers to do my laundry at times, (okay yes, I am a little spoiled), but she says her and Bre do it fine. So I'm laying in bed...listening to the rain and just thinking of how many trips I am gonna have to take from my house to the car...IN THE RAIN.

So I am laying there, I am thinking about the original reason I woke up in the middle of the night. (Remember this part)...I had a dream that my nana's (who joined the heavens above 3 years ago this month) car alarm was going off. I think in the dream we were at her house. Well the alarm woke us up out of our sleep we both woke up, jumped up, and rushed to the front door. She told me to stay in the house and she rushed outside with some makeshift pretend weapon...she chased off a handful of guys who were attempting to break into her car. (end of dream)


So...After my 3 trips in the rain to my car from the house...on the 3rd trip, Bre is finally with me, I'm out the house for the day and we are on our way to grandmas. So...when I was loading my car I put everything in the trunk and at that time hadn't realized that SOMEONE HAD BROKE INTO MY DAMN CAR! I didn't notice until Bre was already in her car seat and I opened up my passenger door to put my purse on the seat. I see, some of my pads (girls always keep some for emergencies, 2 pairs of my sunglasses, a throw-a-way camera, my insurance cards...all in the passenger seat. So I thought to myself...WTH!? These items are USUALLY in my center console. As I am looking over the inside of my car...I notice the compartment next to the cigg lighter where i keep my change was EMPTY! Hmm...ok...some crackhead broke into my car...didn't take nuthin else but my damn money!

My CD's were not touched, I had 2 car chargers in my car and some little stuff...nuthin else was missing. So I get in the car cuz I am already running late.

The feeling I had was eerie knowing that someone had VIOLATED MY SPACE and was all up in my ish! So I try to get myself together, because I need to get to work!

Suddenly...I remember my dream! DAMN! Aint this nana was tryna wake me up! Funny part is..I do not have an alarm on my car.

My car: Well thank GOD there was no damage. There was no forced entry which leads me to believe I must have accidentally left the doors unlocked. Well, nuthin I could do about it at this point.

So, I call my mom let her know what happened, but I am still on my way. I am still in disbelief as to what just occurred and that someone really was up in my car!
So I get to my moms house and make the trips back and forth to the car...again in the rain. I am still emotional at this point...and to my surprise...when I get a chance to speak to my mom she's all excited to show me this picture of my NANA that she just happened to come across...I mean no little pic, a big 8x10 pic. So...that's when I lose it...I miss my nana and she was all up in my space last night and tryna get my attention. **Nana I love you and miss you dearly**

My mom didn't quite understand why I was being so emotional...I just had to get to work. I was even a little snappy with my dad...but he kinda came sideways with me. So I was just like, "Im out!, I gotta go" So I am crying pretty hard at this point...completely an emotional wreck.

I called my mom later from work to let her know about my dream and she then understood why I was trippin...

So...anyway...that was my morning. I will be investing in a car alarm this week sometime.

But it could had been alot worse..broken windows better yet no car in my stall.

So I do remain blessed!

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