Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Whut'chu Know About This!?

Yes Lord!
Its that good ole' Eggnog & Ice Cream Baby! Drizzled with a little bit of nutmeg!

You either like it or you don't...a lot of people don't really care for eggnog, but if you are an Eggnog drinker, you must try this....(I eat with a spoon, when ice cream melts, of course drink it!)

  • One of your favorite mugs
  • However many scoops of Golden Vanilla your heart desires
  • Pour Eggnog directly over the ice cream
  • Finally top it off with a few sprinkles of Nutmeg OR you can try Cinnamon.

So...this was one of my most favorite treats that me and my Nana enjoyed having together. Dang it! I can't believe she is gone still....but still here and forever here within spirit!

Love you Nana...CHEERS!!!!


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  1. I love eggnog and must say that this sounds awesome! (...Sorry bout your Nana. Memories are good, but...)

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