Sunday, February 27, 2011


Man, I know it has been a minute since my last posting. Just when I think I am going to be good about posting I begin to slip up! My bad...for those that follow me.
Life just happens. I can't use the excuse of bein a single mommy all the time...cause that's actually the story of my life. Some have told me I need to slow down and I am doin too much. Well I think I have always lead a fast pace life, slowed down a little, but picked back up even more so after the separation mainly due to NOT wanting to be in the house and then sink into a woe is me type attitude. That happened in the beginning and that feeling is NOT the business!

So if ya know me, I am always doin somethin.
I have recently recognized that I say yes to people and events before checking my calendar for pre-existing commitments. Whoops...everything just sounds so good but I need to understand I just can't do everything. And before anything and anybody my priorities come first!

I have a few things goin on right now...
- Tryna continue to get use to my new job duties and description
- Finalize my divorce
- Get my azz in shape, which includes somehow began eating healthier, and definitely workin out.
- Getting my passport together
- Looking forward to my 7 day cruise to the Caribbean in June
- Planned a Girls Weekend Getaway to Ensenada, Mexico
- Planning on attending 2 more scrapbook retreats
- Looking forward to participating in this book club I just joined
- Ima stop

Life is good. Gets better everyday...

I recently purchased 30 Day Shred by Jillian Micheals. She is nothin nice.
So wish me luck on that.

Recently went to Bostons (a local Pizzeria / Sports Bar) with some girlfriends / coworkers. We were celebrating a girlfriend getting a new job and moving on to the next phase in her life!

My bestie Rasheedah, myself, and Sista Janice
Me & Rasheedah

Suzette, Azeb, Myself, Rasheedah & Janice

Me & My Zebbie
Well folks this is about it for today...
Have a productive week!

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