Sunday, March 20, 2011

Little Miss Bre

Time flys when we are having fun! Well maybe not necessarily fun all the time, but time does fly!
Here is a little somethin somethin we were doin last Sunday! My little friend, took home 2 trophies at her very first beauty pageant!

And before anyone ask I am not becoming a Pageant least a crazy one anyway!

Enjoy the pics!

Bre had a good time! She excelled on to National levels which is a 4 day event in Palm Springs...talent scouts will be in the audience so this will be interesting!


  1. Hi There MS. Tricia! How are you doing? Ms. Bre is just too glamorous and two trophies aww shucks! I was always too lazy to be a pageant Mom and they are not as popular here on the east coast anyway. I know she is going to WOW them in the next round, keep us updated!

  2. Your kiddo is just TOO MUCH!

  3. Tricia, she is such a cutie!! Congrats on the trophies! I love the photo of her sleeping with one on her lap! Too cute!


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