Sunday, July 17, 2011

Layouts & Stuff

Greetings my friends...

Just a quick catch up since I have not been here in a minute...

Mom is still in the hospital, however, she should be getting released in the morning, I am prayin! Its been too long, and we all (Bre, Papa, Nalla and myself) missin her in this house like crazy!

Been a little tired lately just due to the emotional rollercoaster and runnin back and forth to the hospital.

However, I have had an opportunity to release some energy...I have been able to scrap on a few occasions and also had a GREAT time celebrating my bday with my loved ones!

Here are some recent layouts...

Pics of bday to be posted soon.. =)


  1. Great layouts! You have been busy. I am glad your Mom is doing better, I've been thinking about you so thanks for the update!

  2. great layout tricia, we miss you at colorful creations, hope to see you soon!


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