Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recap for 2011

Something I usually like to do on New Years Eve, but its okay that i'm about 2 weeks late...enjoy!


Me and my girlfriends and cousins joined the Janice and her Red Hatter group on this fundraiser trip to Viejas Casino & Outlet mall...we had a ball!

Me and some girls from WhoGivesaScrap had our Winter Retreat....had a blast as usual!


Miss Bre Bre competed in her first beauty pageant and won 2 trophies. Was invited to Palm Springs for the Regional Competition...but we passed...she didn't realize what had just went down! But mommy was proud of her! She did her thing!

I was able to spend time with my Sandz before Keshawna jumped the broom! We ahd a fun sleepover, played games and got a little toasty...shout out to my Dominguez Hills Sandz that were in the building too!


  • WhoGivesAScrap at the monthly crop in Orange....hello ladies!

Me and a handful of my Sandz at Keshawna & Angelo's wedding. It was beautiful! Wedding was super fantastic! Shout out to Summer 03! Z-Phiii....You KNOW!

Congrats to my cousin Monique for obtaining her degree! Super proud of her what a great mission to accomplish! Hangin out with my cousins!

Me and some of my close friends enjoyed a night of comedy at the Contagious Tuesdays comedy night at the Ontario Improv.

Me & Miss Rasheedah (my friend since Pre-K)

My sistas from otha mistas!
Azeb & Alondra...


We embarked on our week long Carribean Cruise with Carnival. Had a blast! Flew out of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

It had been a long time since we all traveled together as a family. =)

Bre enjoyed her first cruise! She was a good girl...had a blast!

Me and my Bre-Bre enjoying our vacation!

OMG! One of the most exhilarating things I have ever done! Zip Lining above a tropical rain forest in St. Maarten...whew! Scary at first, but loosened up after about the 2nd go around! Even dad had a blast!

Bre embarked upon her 1st day of Pre-K at Tutor Time. She loved it! Not only was it her first day in Pre-K, it was her first time in her big girl seat!


A few of my girlfriends celebrated our birthdays, started at Azebs house...we had a good night out!


Ha! We hadplanned a bowling night with coworkers. We had a really good time! Can't wait to do it again!


Yup! Thats my babe! (Yes, this is the first time I have posted a pic of him)...he has been my sunlight and warmth to my dark cold days... =)


Farewell dinner to Ricardo who you cannot see in this pic...he ws hiding behind me. We celebrated his departure to another job / state at El Toritos, good times!

Girls Getaway Cruise to Ensenada...we got super bold and took a pic with a baby tiger. We also took a pic with a baby lion that Azeb held...yeah we got super bold that was cool though...only live once!

Muy Bonita...

Captains Dinner...Funky Fresh Dressed to Impress ready to party!!

Me & my girl Azeb...was her & Alondras 1st cruise...


Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. P's mommy....=)

Thamksgiving Day...miss Alanna & the man...

Enjoying some fresh aie ar Kona Kai Scrappin Escapes Scrapbook retreat...

Me & my numba #1!!!!

Bre reading her letter from Santa...


Merry Christmas!

Me & the man!

The girls on Christmas Day with their tu-tu's!

My cousins!

Steppin out!

Me & my girl! Love her!


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    1. Thank you Jennifer for stopping by!

    2. Thank you Jennifer for stopping by!

  2. Oh you have so many great memories! It is so good hearing from you again. I hope everything is well with you and your family. Yes I did change my blog but not on purpose, lol. I was so excited yesterday when I finally figured out how to get it back! Congrats on the new Boo! You look very happy, so I am happy for you.

  3. aww... looks like you had a great 2011~! :0)

    And yes, i updated your blog on my blog! lol


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