Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why I Left....But Now I'M BACK!

Part II....Why I vanished from my church home...

Well...I am trying to determine if I had a bunch of lame excuses or is it the truth.

Well when Paul Donaldson called me to ask if I would speak and basically give my testimony to the church as to why I came back to my church home, I frantically thought to myself and asked, what am I gonna say!?
It came to me early Sunday morning as to what I was going to deliver....just be real! Is basically what I was told by God...keep it 100% If I did not keep it 100% then whats the use of giving a testimony.

Okay, so let me set you up here.
Me and my ex-husband joined Life Changing Ministries in 2009. I had been going for awhile before he decided to start coming with me and then we later both decided it was time to become members. I was very excited that we would travel this journey together, so we did. We became members! When one finishes their "boot camp" New Members class, you are introduced to the congregation....and the entire congregation is invited up to welcome you and give you love!
So it was an awesome experience! The entire congregation was so warm and welcoming!
Pastor Woods and my ex had the same first everyone remembered my ex-husbands name.

After separating I continued to attend, but with each attendance someone would ask me, "How is your husband!?", "Where is your husband!?", "Is your husband ok, we haven't seen him..." I kinda started getting I guess a little embarrassed, ashamed, feeling like I was somewhat on display, and everyone was watching me and my every move. attendance became close to non-existent. Not only did I feel those things, but I would also get emotional when someone would ask...I mean I couldn't just start bawling my eyes out and pouring out my feelings to people I barely knew, so I had to keep it bottled in. It just became harder and harder. I think I would use the excuse that it was the distance that kept me from coming...but that was a pretty sorry excuse to say the least.

I began trying to find other churches close to my home...attended a few..and I just wasn't feeling it...either the congregation was TOO big (for me), or I just wasn't feelin the spirit move. So I had to do something.....had to make some moves..I was dating for a while and began to attend his church...LOVED the church but the distance was HUGE. Fontana to Moreno Valley, a good 45 minutes...compared to my Fontana to San Bernardino was nothing then! After some time had passed...I finally decided to just freakin go back HOME! Go back to my home church!

So I went back. It was hard at first, wondering what would my Pastor say...well when he saw me in the congregation..he made direct eye to eye doubt about it...he was looking at me and gave me the famous head nod that folks do when they say whats up, without actually saying it. I forget what the message was...but he was definitely speaking to me.

What do I love about my church? I LOVE the fact that its just the right size for me...I LOVE the fact that MY PASTOR knows my name and he will take his time to hold a conversation with me. He knows how to educate his congregation! My church is a Bible Teaching church...and he breaks it down to a sense where we all understand! My Pastor is down to earth! My church family is awesome! Everyone welcomed me back with open arms. We are really like family up in there.

So basically, I stopped goin simply because my church family cared...they cared enough to ask me how I was doin...I didn't see that 3 years ago...but I realize it today...because when I came back...better believe they were still asking! But...I bet you they won't ask no mo...that is if they were listening to me speak. =)

Okay...Robin...hope you enjoyed that one... =)

Part III will actually be on the message last Sunday...was so bomb...and it pertains to ALL of us!

Ciao for now!


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