Sunday, January 6, 2013

You Want Me To Do What!?

All I can say is WOW! Today was an awesome day...

Today was my churches 28th Year Anniversary and we celebrated and had a few words from some members of the congregation (including me!), an awesome slide show and an awesome message!
It's late and I am trying to post this tonight as I feel someone may read this tonight and it may speak to them! This is the purpose why I share these types of things.

Allow me to rewind a sec, so I can set you in the right mood.

I went on a crazy strenuous hike yesterday, in which I am STILL sore from...and once I got home, I showered and pretty much straight crashed...there was nothing else to do!
So...I'm sleep for several hours like its nobodys business....all of the sudden, I get a phone a THIEF IN THE NIGHT! I answer...its the Executive Director of Life Changing Ministries on the line...conversation went a little something like this...

Me: Hello?
Paul: Hi, Pat? (I only let a few people call me that, that I just cannot bring myself correct!)
Me: Yes, hi Paul
exchange of greetings...then he gets right to the point...I'm laying down while my baby girl has Tangled playing loud in the background...
Paul: Well, I wanted to call and ask you 2 questions..
Me: Sure!
Paul: 1st Question...are you coming to church tomorrow (This call was on Saturday)
Me: Yes!
Paul: Okay, cool. 2nd do you feel about public speaking?
****I think my heart skipped a beat, I wasn't sure if I heard correctly, say whut!!? Oh Lawd, are they about to ask me to step out my comfort zone!?***
Me: Hold on one second, let me get to a quiet spot so I can hear you correctly...
Paul: Sure...
Me: Okay, I'm sorry...say what now?
Paul: We are putting together a program for tomorrow (Sunday) and Pastor wanted me to find a few people to speak very briefly. We were thinking of who and his first thought was to ask you. He wants to you to speak on why you chose to come back to your church home, and what you love about LCM.
****Oh Lawd...I still can't tell this man NO! So I had to put my big girl panties on and just DO IT!***...end of convo

Okay, so I'm basically messed up for the remainder of the day, because I have not spoke in front of a crowd this LARGE before! SO I am just in straight PANIC MODE! What am I gonna say!? Do I really tell the congregation why I stopped attending my church!? What in the heck am I gonna say, Oh Lord, help me get through this and help me choose what my words will be, may it be a testimony to someone else. the time I go to bed, I still have no idea what exactly I am going to say! Man!

Alarm was set to go off at 6:30, something or someone woke me up...before my alarm went off...and basically told me to just BE REAL! Be REAL with it then it shouldn't be so hard. You won't be making up no crazy story or telling something that just wasn't true..I'm a horrible liar so that wouldn't be too good! So that's what I did...I was just real with it.

I was on the program at church, got introduced and everything and my heart was literally in my throat. 2 of my really close friends were there to support me and one of their sons. I got love from everyone in the congregation...even Pastor.

This post is turning out to be longer than I keep you interested, I'm going to break this up into 3 parts. Part I is what you just read, Part II will explain my vanishing from my church home, and Part III I will share with you what this AWESOME message was...and I KNOW alot of yall could benefit from it.

I'm tired...had a long day...enjoyed Disney on Ice with my daughter, mom and some friends and Bre's friends...and I have my first full week of work in a I really need to bounce off this laptop and shut her down!

Till tomorrow with Part II!


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