Thursday, August 29, 2013

We Miss You Mike!

Wow, I am still in disbelief that one of our greatest musicians is no longer here...
His music still lives on and will never become extinct.
We can put on a classic hit like P.Y.T and say, "OOOH THIS MY JAM!!!" and break out in a personal performance in the mirror!
Micheal was a great man, a great humanitarian, a great entertainer. He absolutely loved what he did. He had a difficult childhood, which in turn he got attacked for as a reason for some of his not so best decisions and his behavior.
Above it all, we all miss great musicians and he was definitely one of them.

If you have NOT picked up the Micheal Jackson Experience...PLEASE do! This game is so much fun! Fun for all ages and a great family game to play on the holidays or any rainy day!
 One of my favorite games on the Wii it!

So what were some of your favorite Jams?
Some of mine are:
- Jam
- Remember the Time
- You Rock My World
- P.Y.T.
- Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
- You Wanna Be Startin Somethin!?

What are your favorite Albums?
Mine would be:
- Off The Wall
- Bad

Now excuse me while I change my Pandora Station to Micheal Jackson Radio this morning!
Have an awesome Day!

We Love you Mike!

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