Friday, February 14, 2014

{Welcome KoKo!}

Well most who know me personally know that we have a new family member....she was born on 11/9 and had 10 other brothers and sisters! This here is KoKo! 
She is a mess and then some! I put special orders in for her back in October maybe or September and she was born a little before Christmas!  I was hoping for her to be a Christmas gift for Bre, but unfortunately she was not ready to be separated yet from her mommy and shots and all that jazz...
Scroll down and you will see some more recent pics of her...

 There is a pic of mama....beautiful Boxer...
 This is th day we actually brought her home...Bre was so happy as was TJ!
 TJ, KoKo & Bre...
 Here is the little Monster now...she has gorgeous bluish / grayish eyes...we are all in love.  She is a very hyper 3 month old puppy! She IS truly spoiled and we can thank Grandma, Papa and Uncle who is around Who would have thought Grandma OR Papa would allow a dog on THEIR bed!? I'm sorry...are these my same parents who told me Nalla (my former baby who passed on to doggy heaven), needed to stay outdoors where dogs belong...LOL! I tell you grandparents lose it...smh...its ok...KoKo is not complaining of all the attention she gets! We love her to pieces!

 Look at those eyes!

Thank you Carlos for a beautiful dog!

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