Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Birthday Celebration @ ScrapOurStash Still in Full Effect!!

Well hello friends!
Boy am I happy that Kaiser Permanente has Wi-Fi. My mommy is in for surgery this morning and and I came very prepared to stay occupied and busy! I have plenty to do...updating my blog first and foremost, I downloaded 2 books on my Nook, I have my phone, I am Good! Mom went back about 2 hours ago, and they only allowed one person in with my mom, so I allowed my dad to go...yes I allowed. =) She is in good hands and is such a fighter!

I have had a crazy past few months, but trying to continue with my day to day life activities can sometimes be a tad bit challenging. Attempting to still do it all and be the best mommy I can be, a great employee and maintain ALL that I have going on, including the group owner of my scrap book group, being on a design team, undergoing the stresses at work with a new software program, and somehow between it all...find some time for myself!

Well, I guess the main reason I am here because one of my co-design team members decided to call me out in a social media forum as to why I have not updated my blog...LOL...special shout out to Katherine and keeping me on my toes from afar! LOL...She's got some pretty cool stuff on her blog, feel free to visit, by clicking on this link.

Please please PLEASE...take a moment to go check out our blog at ScrapOurStash as we got ALOT of rockin challenges goin due to our Birthday Bash celebration! You do still have time to participate! You have until 4/4/14 to upload your layouts to our blog.

Yesterday, the challenge posted was:
Birthday Challenge #12 - Games / Game Pieces

What do you do at parties?  You play games!!
Now it's time for you to play with your game pieces!
For your challenge, you are to create a layout, any theme, and use
game pieces on your layout!

Rules -
Your layout must be new as of March 25th and cannot be combined with any other SOS Stash A Thon challenge.  You are allowed to combine with any non SOS challenges.
All entries must be linked up on the side bar no later than April 5th, 11:59 PM (PST) to be considered for the grand prize drawings.   For chances to win weekly prizes, link up your entries as soon as they are completed.
When linking up your entry, please add the challenge next to your name.  For example: Suzy - #12 Game Pieces
Only one entry per challenge
You must post a link back to our blog!
I KNOW you had to enjoy this layout, go show my friend and one of the admins of ScrapOurStash some luvin here.

Now...I have officially posted..and hopefully you will get a few more posts out of me before I vanish again! LOL

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. pat-I know you have a lot going on right now and mom's is the MOST IMPORTANT! I didn't mean to call you out, I just wanted to keep reading all the stuff I wouldn't find -believe it or not,I didn't know that my baby daddy 's girlfriend had the baby LOL! remember to breathe and if you don't post, we now know why; it's hard juggling a lot -been there, done that and the blog will have to wait...big hugs ...kate


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