Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{The Struggles of a Young Black Girl}

**Disclaimer....1.) its my blog, 2.) This is from my perspective as a black woman reminiscing how it use to be as a young black girl, 3.) If you get offended, go take a nap...

Not to say that every culture does not have their own struggles with hair, I am sure you do HOWEVER it seems that our recollections of the trauma we went through as young girls are almost always similar!

The conversation you will read below is a REAL conversation with REAL SISTAHS  with REAL LIFE experiences.
I have a special group of ladies that I speak to on the daily and our convos range from A-Z...sleepless nights, our sick children, our INTELLIGENT and wise children, our growing children, our jobs, our economy, encouragement, spirituality, food, tv, life period! We talk about it all!

This particular night....we were discussing one of the too many award shows that cater to the urban industry...we got on the topic of rappers today and basically how they are wack...most not all.  The conversation took off from there.  It was one of the BEST, COMEDIC conversations that I have had in awhile..., 5 ladies, reminiscing on our childhood and what we all at one time or another had to experience and had to endure...there was no getting around it! The memories of the distinct smells of perm / relaxer, pressed hair / burning hair, cholesterol conditioner, the sizzle of the pressing comb due to the hair being damp, or the accident of pressing comb touching your neck, ear, or fo-head...

Im not the only one...who remembers this scent..I liked it actually...lol

Now, if you are from our culture or extremely close to someone of our culture, you should know that anything having to do with or hair is just not the bizness....it ALWAYS a process...ALWAYS!
I still love the looks I get when we:
1.) Explain why we don't have to wash our hair daily
2.) Why we don't get lice
3.) Why we get the Gremlin / Stripe syndrome when we are near water
4.) How we can walk into work one day with short hair and come tomorrow with long hair, then back with shorter hair 2 days ago
5.) Why when we "perm" our hair and when others "perm" their hair...means  different 2 different things and will result in 2 different outcomes
6.) Knows the struggle of this...
7.) Why we couldn't swim or get anywhere near water after a fresh press and curl...
OMG...you know my list can continue, but I think you are catching my drift.

What do you know about this:

Or this:

If you haven't seen Chris Rocks, "Good Hair" watch the trailer here

Is there such thing as good hair and bad hair? 
I can go on and on about this topic as a black woman..but my main reason for this post to take you through this conversation that we thoroughly enjoyed having, reminiscing and just clowning around!

The struggle was really real and it is still a struggle for many today!
Please enjoy the dialogue below...I did the tedious job to black out the names to protect the innocent...LOL! I did not care to black myself out because I was apart of the convo and wanted to post about it!
***Keep in mind, this was a fast paced convo, which resulted in a few typos, and excuse the language...clown session was in full effect.

Crazy Bunch 10/14/14

So there you have it. 
When we say there is a struggle....WE ARE SERIOUS!!!! Check the funny below:

At the end of the day....as adults, we are now in charge of taking care of our own hair...and I would like to say we are all happy with what we have going on. In our culture, today, going "natural" has just taken off and soared to higher heights! I mean in a real way. Going natural just isn't in the cards for everyone though...still because of the struggle! Going natural isn't for everyone...lol...its not.  For some it may be a choice and others, maybe not so much. Wearing our hair natural has been more accepted today than yesterday. YES. Our little girls get teased, catch heat because of our hair and the things we can and cannot do. This post can result in 2-3 more post as I know some of you reading may be thoroughly confused...lol.

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed partaking in this convo with my sistahs from otha mistahs!

I love you ladies, and thank you for allowing me to share this part of our MANY convos...this one was truly hilarious! Had me DYIN!!!

Love you guys....and Black Girls Rock!

Shout out to a few of my trues....luv yall like a fat kid love cake! For real! For real!

Sincerely Yours,


  1. Absolutely great post - hilarious and real at the same time. Luster's Pink Oil Lotion was a favorite, and Blue Magic oh the products. And sitting next to the that stove sizzling and ducking when the heat got close to my head. Good memories just the same. Today I am completely natural and I created a greeting card and blogged about it, but sis you took it to the next level! Asante (thank you in swahili).

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Yes, the memories are all too real!
      I appreciate you stopping by and showing my blog some love! I will visit your as well!

  2. Trisha. This was awesome! I'm so happy that I was apart of this convo because it truly shows that the struggle is REAL for others besides me. GREAT job :)

    1. Thanks again J for taking the time out to read the lengthy post! It was a good convo, always a hot topic! XO

  3. Cut it out Janice with your Oprah hair! Lol. Good read Tritia.

    1. Thank you Jolane for stopping by and reading!!

    2. Oprah hair! YES! LOL...that is J! All day!

  4. I would have added my experience of being "tender-headed". I still am. #ouch


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