Thursday, July 14, 2016

{Glamped Up!}

Glampin Monologues!!

Well granted, we did not real deal camp.....there was an RV involved, so....I guess most would call that cheating. That is totally fine.  We had a fun eventful weekend at Puddingstone Lake, glamping it up...the most productive I've been in awhile...aaand....the kicker....I was crafting out with mother nature!!! It was a task running from bees and trying to find smacked spiders, steering clear of skunks, spraying bug repellent, lighting citronella candles, adjusting easy up to block sun in the day and crafting with the assistance of flood get the picture..

Here are a few of my favorite pics in this pic collage and below that my ultimate favorite...which I would say was my ultimate favorite photo bomb pic!

                           And.....that was the best photo bomb pic that I have ever done. This should go up on the hall of fame! Sorry JoJo Bug!  

Below are the layouts that was able to complete. I think I did a total of 12? I  think? Some I cannot quite post yet due to being on a design team. =) You will see them over time. 


   A few cards I made...I am by far a card maker, but I had scraps and I thought I would use....not only that....I really am not feeling the prices of greeting cards. At the beginning of the year, I told myself that I was not buying any cards this year........I lied to myself. BUT...I would love to get to that point.

It is so important to get together with your girlfriends and just hang out! If its not scrapbooking find whatever it is you love....and enjoy! Enjoy life, tomorrow is never promised! From what I understand, we will definitely do it again, maybe real deal camping!

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  1. glamping is the only way to do it...unless you are a girl scout! I'm going on vacation and think I'mm gonna do one day where I scraplift all your layouts -no lie, I can do it!


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