Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself!

So....I'm trying my best in 2019 to try reviving this thing I once loved! Before Facebook  & Instagram took over, I was faithfully posting to my blog! I always loved to write and share. I consider myself a pretty open book. If you follow me on Social Media then you already know! You know my life story if you do follow....ain't no shame in my game.

2018 was a whirlwind to me...crazy....good times and my share of not so good times. But guess what....there is always a testimony to my tests!! I'm still here!

2018 consisted of:
* a very unexpected layoff in January (Happy New Year to me!!...like 4 days in!)
* 1st time in my life I was unemployed...but for less than 30 days praise God!
* Came to terms with scheduling a hysterectomy (for my 40th birthday)...shop closed!
* Became employed with a great company that respects my value and worth!!
* Turned the big 4-0! Wasn't in the best shape to celebrate how I wanted, but....I celebrated with important folks!
* Was close to losing my dad (step)...close enough where DNR papers were on the kitchen table. Dad pulled thru praise God!

I experienced alot of growing pains last year....learned alot about people as well. Gained a few naysayers and double that amount in cheerleaders. With all I experienced in 2018...I promised I would have a better 2019, IM CLAIMING THAT...starting with Self Care. Anyone or anything toxic in my life will be handled accordingly!

So, I'm the same girl! Just older and wiser thanks again for following me all these years and hope you return!!


  1. I love the phrase that you dumped some naysayers and gained double that amount in cheerleaders! 📣 We made it through 2018! Glad to see you on the other side and looking forward to more good times.

  2. Hey Sistah!!! It’s all about living, loving, learning and letting go!!!! You got this!!!!


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