Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Well!! It happened!!! 

I cannot even begin to tell you the anticipation and the number of reminders I had going on!  There were a few snags in the registration process however the admin team with Go Wild made it happened while they worked diligently in working thru it! I tip my hat to you friends because having 100's of women with anxiety coming at you with panic....whew! You guys handled it well!

Many have had much to say about the ticket personally the reason I am going is because of the experience ALONE, the speaker line up looks AMAZING, meeting many people I have established relationships with via internet, and its in my back yard! DUH! Viva Las Vegas Baby! I do believe Cali will be representing in a major way! Whoop Whoop!!

I'm thanking all of my alumni planner friends in advance who have already given me great info! I am excited and can't wait! I will be bringing back great stuff for sure!

Let the countdown begin!!

PLEASE! If you are an alumni, please give me some info, tips, advice below in the comments below!

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