Sunday, January 9, 2011

{Scrap Stuff}

Can't believe I was able to attend 2 different crops.

Did the Friday Night Among Friends at Collective Journeys and then went to the crop in the city of Orange.

Pages I completed this weekend: only see 4 layouts here, but I am workin on a cute chunky book for Breanna's birthday party from back in June...yeah I am behind, so what!

I should be able to complete that at next weekends crop!

Some other side items...they both have a funny behind them... you will see this "gift" that I got from my dear girlfriend gave it to me at yesterdays crop as a little jokie joke...bless her heart..LOL! She wrapped it all nice in a brown She had some littlw cracks about me making that BEAUTIFUL mini album I Becuase of all her joke cracking, I went ahead and made it out of empty papertowl rolls instead using toilet paper rolls as she made wise cracks about the possibilities of me scrapping with fecal you Wendy! So anywhow...she gave me this nice gift below with an EMPTY box of Tucks...ima get her one of these

I posted this beforem but becuase of the pic above, I had to show you the

This pic here is for my girlfriends Genevieve and Rochelle...we all have a bad habit of taking a can of frosting to the is for you girls! I just had a freaking craving tonight and I thought of you girls! LOL! XOXO!

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