Saturday, September 3, 2011

Here & There

This week was a straight emotional week for a sista..

Had mediation again on Monday in court and that is never the business. But hey, I went in like a soldier and got it done. It was extremely awkward, but is what it is. I honestly cannot wait till all of this is over.

I had a very short week at work due to me not being there Monday, then on Wednesday I had an all day training and then Friday was our regular 9/80 work schedule. Being in the office for only 2 days last week was not the business at all. Alot of folks may think its awesome, but I am one to always think of the consequences to actions. Not to mention, I am off on Monday due to the holiday! I have a feeling my voicemail is probably at its capacity, my email has exceeded its limit and mail will be rollin in thick like morning fog...but its all good. It will be another week and I will make the very best of it.

My week came to an end and I must say, it was a very nice ending. =) All good really does come to those who wait huh? I am really anticipating some awesome things happening in my future and I am anticipating to see what God has in store for me! Yeah buddy!!!

I cropped today with a few of my WhoGivesaScrap friends at the monthly crop in Chino. I hooked up with my ace, Alondra Ladison and we really got down and dirty...literally...DIRTY! Kinda grimy! But hey its all good! We have been indulging in an art journal and trying new things. We have been working with all different types of elements that have been stashed away for years!!! I mean paint, paint brushes, modge podge, stamps, and all kind of stuff! We really been showin ourselves out! Holla! Thanks to my scrapper girlfriends Robin, Alondra and Melissa for contributing to the inspiration received within the past 4 weeks...xoxo are a few pics of what I been doin...

Other than that I will leave you with some photos that I have taken recently during the past few weekends...

Pictures below are me and Bre playing miniature golf with the Jennifer Priest and her lovely fam that I love to pieces!

Bre & Mommy
Bre & Matthew bein silly! between catching up on Basketball Wives, Big Brother & Jersey Shore, this post has taken me about an pics to be uploaded soon!

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  1. Hi beautiful lady! It has been way to long since I popped over and visited you and Bre - whom I might add is turning into a real little lady! Love your photos and the fact that you got to hang out with Jennifer and her family!! I read your post about you helping your mum, and I think she is so brave and strong for everything she must have been through. She's so lucky to have you to help her out (even if it was temporarily :) Hugs and kisses to you all, and I will visit more often! Besides, now I know where all the goss is at!


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