Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Stinks!

Ok, it has truly been awhile since I have been this sick! This makes absolutely no sense!

It started about 2 weeks ago I guess, Bre caught the wonderful Pink Eye, and on top of that had a few cold symptoms.

Well about 2 days after I took her in, my symptoms began to come and visit as well as mom and then dad! None of us (mom, dad or myself) got Pink Eye, but we got horrible colds.

Last Friday, was my absolute worst. By the end of the night I looked like I had a run in with Ike Turner, bloody nose, swollen face, etc. Next morning I made an appointment in urgent care which is when I discovered I had my first ever sinus infection. Not the business. So I walked away with 4 prescriptions...Amoxicillan (Antibiotics), Prednisone (steroids), an inhaler and eye freakin drops! Not cool...

Since then I have had okay days, but at night its the pits. No sleep. Cough attacks that would last about 2 the time I get good sleep has typically be running between the hours of 3-5am...then of course the alarm is about to buzz. So yeah, I am slightly irritated. Bre WAS getting better BUT since the 3 of us were sick...she is now sick again and its back with a vengeance on my little princess. She has missed school again this week..and you know a sista still has to pay tuition whether she is there or not...argh!

Anyhow, pray for our health and that we all get better. This is NOT the business!!!!

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  1. wow you guys are getting hit hard...from the left and the right....I hope the germs clear your house soon....:0)


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