Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{Paint & Sip - AToast2Artistry}

AToast2Artistry! If you are in Southern California, the Inland Empire you may want to check these ladies out..presented by, "All Things Pink Events, LLC". 

Something I have always wanted to do! I already love getting crafty, but mix that with a glass of wine, some girlfriends, great food and a DJ!? All of those will get you in the right groove and mood!

I met one of the organizers of AToast2Artistry through Black Girls Run IE chapter and to know she was directly involved with this I was there! The particular event I went to was actually to celebrate her birthday and man I had a great time! Its all about the environment. Being in an environment where you feel comfortable and with the right crowd of ladies, just feels very renewing, refreshed and comfortable.

Below you will see some pics of how I began my piece of you see the final pic...think abstractly! =) I have heard a few different funny things of what people thought it was, including my 6 year old daughter. All that matters is, I KNOW what I WAS tryna paint! LOL! As long as I know what it was supposed to be...HEY! Thats all that matters to me!

Allow me to set the scene....there were about 30 women there, give or take a few...we all had our own easels, our own paint pallet, and it was on!
There was an instructor there, leading us step by step and looking at all of the different interpretations was simply amazing! Props to all the ladies that painted that evening!

If you are in the area, feel free to visit them via:

Go Read and Follow their Blog: AToast2Artistry
Like them on Facebook: AToast2Artistry
Follow them on Instagram: AToast2Artistry this is how the magic began...

(Looks like a rock as in a diamond ring huh)....what is it?????
 Uh, oh, its getting a little more elaborate....

 Yumm....some fancy was really good... =)
 Hmmm...what is it??                               

Who is it???
 OH! The food! Bomb! Off the chain! This event was held at Casablanca Bar & Grill in downtown Claremont...they serve middle eastern food and also is a hookah bar outdoors on the patio...this dish below was a very lime flavored chicken kabobs, steamed veggies and the rice was!

 My paint pallet
 My finished product...what is it???
 There is me and my awesome friend Brandi, her to pieces, I treated her that night to a girls night out, she was in need.. =)

 Me and Amber from BGR IE..she inspires me! She kills Claremont Loop!
 Black Girls Run IE in full effect to help celebrate Monica's Bday! Shawn, Amber, Gifty, Monika, Tricia...

All of you ladies did AN AWESOME JOB!
Anyone figure out what it was?? It is a photo of a lady, sitting Indian Style, back towards us, with a guitar on her back...can you see it? And she has an afro! Can you see it!!?? Yes you can, don't play! LOL...

AToast2Artistry also does bday events, look them up if interested!

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