Friday, May 2, 2014

{Discovery Science Center - 1st Grade Field Trip!!}

Last week, I was chosen to be a chaperon on a field trip to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, Ca. Imagine....a bus full of 1st graders....oh how bout 3 1st grade classes on the bus...they were screaming at the top of their lungs, singing all their little cool songs that they like to sing...including....FROZEN!!! Is there any parent out there who is not in sync with Frozen yet? LOL...well these kids I swear make me laugh, I enjoy them SO MUCH! What I really enjoy is being told, "You are a COOL mom!" Dang right kiddo!

With the duty of chaperoning,  I was in charge of 5 kids in my group...if you can imagine....yeah it was a job! LOL...There is always one in the group...`that always wants to run off! To protect the innocent, I will not say any names...but hey they are kids, what do you expect!

I think before the day was over, all knew my little runaways name! Because I was yelling the name of the unmentioned every 5-7 were still a bundle of joy!

If you are in the Southern California area or plan to visit with little ones, this is a must see. I live here and had no idea this place existed! Check it out, your kids will love it! Check out this interesting architecture....the kids notice "THE CUBE" when we were still on the freeway!

Check out some of pics captured that day...

Some of Bre's classmates, love these little kids, full of personality!

Pics captured at some of the exhibits (t

Blast Off Zone

Blast Zone Exhibit
Sponsored by Boeing
Lifted high inside DSC’s giant 8,000-square foot cube hangs a real Delta Rocket RS-68 booster engine – set to simulate its own launch! The Boeing RS-68, developed by Rockedyne in 1995, is a liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen powered rocket engine that is used in the Delta IV launch vehicle family.
Once inside the Cube, look up into the booster engine and press the launch button to trigger the countdown: 3… 2… 1… BLAST OFF! Surrounded by video screens, blasts of fog, and state-of-the-art sound effects, prepare to experience a rocket launch like you never thought possible.
This Rocket Stimulator was pretty cool...

Exhibit to illustrate a wind tunnel...

 Our beautiful planet!

 The kids looking at a pig brain...yuck! But nevertheless, the babes were intrigued...

  Rock Climbing...
 I think this exhibit demonstrated how a tornado forms...very cool...
 Photo Opp of my group, the red group, the COOL MOMS group! 

 Photo Opp these kids!

 I told them to make crazy faces! This is what I got...

 Me and my one and only!
Visit the Discovery Science Center at:
2500 North Main Street
Santa Ana, Ca 

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!


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