Sunday, May 18, 2014

{Thanks to You..She DID IT AGAIN!}

Every year in the month of March, many schools across the nation take part in Read Across America.  If you are unaware of what it is click on this link for more info. 
Read Across America also celebrates Dr. Seuss birthday! What is it you may be wondering?? It is a nationwide reading celebration that takes place annually  Across the country, thousands of schools, libraries, and community centers participate by bringing together kids, teens, and books!

At Bre's school and since she has been in Elementary school we joined in on the celebration. There are fun activities planned for the students and even the parents are given an opportunity to join in on the celebration.  What I did too take part was I chose to read one of Bre's fav books to her class, "Skippy Jon Jones"...funny book...check out the series if you can! 

All kids were given a challenge to collect funds as sponsors for their personal read-a-thon. All students who raised over $150 in sponsors would earn that limo trip to In & Out! Exciting right? I know..tell me about it! So yeah my girl DID THAT! YES SHE DID! With YOUR help! I wanted to personally THANK those who did contribute to my baby's success! I normally do not like asking for money but it had a great purpose. All monies raised went right back into the classrooms at her elementary school. =)
Not only do the kids get rewarded...but the top 3 teacher (I believe) would get to accompany the students and ride in the limo with the students!

There were was a huge limo that maybe picked up 9 kids (I think) and while they got dropped off, the limo went to pick up the 2nd wave of students who earned trips. There were maybe 4 trips done in total.  I loved seeing the kids faces...they just KNEW they were the!

Their chariot awaited....yes I was paparazzi and followed... =) was only me, mom and Shelby that We had lunch as well =)

Last but not least I need to take my hat off to Bre's 1st grade teacher and one of the realest sistahs I know...Mrs. Voglezon and also her Kinder Mrs. Jourdain, teacher WHO both made the top 3 teachers who students earned the most money for their classrooms! These teachers I both feel are GREAT teachers and assets to the school...just awesome!!! 

Personally I would like to THANK again...are:

Gina - Aunt
Tracie - Great Friend
Christina - CoWorker and Friend
Gran - The Best Grandma
Jose - Coworker and Friend
Junior - Coworker and Friend
Joshua - Coworker and Friend
Junior - Coworker and Friend
Brandi - Friend, Soror, and Coworker
Ebony - Bre's Fav Aunt
Mommy - Her one and only!
Donna - Family Friend 

**All who sponsored, will be receiving a personal thank you card from Ms. Bre herself very soon!
Please enjoy the photos below!

Love ya much and thank you!

 Here are the 3 that raised $150+ in Mrs.V's class: Seen as left to right...Jake, Mrs. V., Bre, Andrew
 They stood their in

My baby girl...she was all happy...even though I got a FAKE ~_~

 And they arrive....
 Bre and her buddy Jake...OH! And Jake lost his front tooth that was dangling...I was wondering how he was going to tackle his! 
 Its getting harder and harder to get a decent pic with do take what I can get!
 Precious and her grandchild...

 Mrs. V. & Bre...
Trip is over...back to class you go kiddies!

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