Sunday, June 8, 2014

{Stay Encouraged}

My current situation...

Cheese Omelet & Turkey Bacon
Kirk Franklin Radio
Rocking Chair (I use to rock Bre in)

Well I thought I would be able to get through this post before my little friend woke up...however seeing her walk towards me with a smile and greeting me with a hug is the best thing ever. She hopped in my lap and hugged me tight with her arms around my neck. And to think I sat in this very chair when she was still baking in my belly and also feeding her in this chair, burping her, and rocking her to sleep in this chair..aaahhh the memories.

Do you have a special place in your house where you like to sit and just take it in. I think it is this chair for me. It is positioned in a place where I can see every angle in my home....not that its humongous, but you get what I am saying! It would be a great place for a motion detector. I see the kitchen, dining room, living room, patio, and hallway...and an eye at the front door.

I look at my front door and I have thought of who I have let walk through that threshold. From now on, I will be making a better selection of who gets to come through my threshold. Some will be able to walk through that threshold, some may have the opportunity to talk to me from my porch, and some may need to just stay on the sidewalk. We (especially women) need to be aware of who we let in our personal space. Know how to deal with people, either up close or with a long handled wooden spoon! It's time to re-evaluate.

As I sit here I am forced to think about my life. I sit and think of my situation and how I got to where I am. I will be 36 in a couple of weeks and I have a story to tell as we all do. I have been blessed to know many different people who have impacted me in a positive way. People come in and out our lives for a reason. Either they are here genuinely, or they are here until they get what the need or to relieve some type of temporary help. I do not regret anyone I have come in contact with...there is a story and lesson behind everyone I come in contact with.

I have been blessed to have family that displays unconditional love. I have seen loved ones come and go...loved ones battling an illness or disease...some overcame and some not.

Sometimes I have these moments where I am overwhelmed with gratitude with blessings...and his mercy and favor...I question myself sometimes, "How did I get here" and "How do I continue to stay on my feet?". I have felt used many times in my life, because I am such a giving person. I want to believe these people are brought my way to teach me lessons. As I sit here in my favorite spot in my home, I am thankful for all that I have and thankful for things I am able to do. It could be so much worse.

A few months ago, I had to make a decision that would place me in an extreme financial bind from a poor decision I made. I faced my fears and told myself, its okay to struggle Tricia. I may not be able to do everything I want to do but I sure will try and I will compromise with myself along the way.

I appreciate all of my friends that I hold close to keep me uplifted when I may have my down days and when I may get overwhelmed. I am blessed to have a multitude of God Fearing friends in my life...the women in my life I am so  thankful for....and who will always keep it 100 with me. Know that you have a special meaning to me...God did not place you in my life for no reason. Over the years, I know I have lost contact with some and the connection isn't what it use to be, but is it because our focus is different? Our priorities? I have struggled with that for a while, but I am at peace with is what it is. Some I am able to pick back up exactly where we left off and some not so easy. But its ok. Bottom line, I am thankful for who I do have. =)

I'm getting older and it is so important to sit back sometimes and just think with self. Ask yourself, "what is my next step?", "what does God want me to do next",  "what does he want to show me?" "where am I going?", "am I on track?", "what is healthy or not healthy in my life?", "what changes do I need to make?"

My friends, all I am saying is....whatever your circumstance...stay encouraged...this is for you below...
Love You...

Stay Up!

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