Sunday, October 18, 2015

{Scrapbook Retreat Weekend - Raggedy Inn, Ramona Ca}

This weekend, a few of my long time craft sisters went on a retreat, at a new retreat spot, called, Raggedy Inn Scrapbook Retreat, located in Ramona, Ca. 

We were actually able to be there from Thursday to Sunday. 
It is a new spot, so its a little different that what I am usually use to. 
I slept REALLY well, which was an excellent thing, nice beds and blankets were cool. 

The spot has more of like a homely rustic feel to it. She is still getting it together, but we made some recommendations, I am sure I will go back.

If interested, here is the facebook page:

Here is her blog:

She is currently running a special which is the following:

"Grand Opening Offer!
Book your retreat now for any time that is available in 2016, and your rate for nine people is only $1,000!! To sweeten the deal, we are throwing in Thursday FREE for you!
This special offer is good for bookings made by September 30 for next year!
**This is a non-smoking facility**"
While we were there we had an awesome masseuse, her name was Jessica...very talented. She did massages for 2 days...everyone came out feeling like we were walking on cloud 9!
If you are ever in Southern Cali, better yet Ramona, and interested in her skills, feel free to like her facebook page:

While I was there I would say I was pretty productive. I made a HUGE dent in my 2014 Project Life....oh, felt so good to get so many pics in albums. And I also became VERY comfortable with tossing photos that I just simply did not want or had no need for!

I was only able to crank out a few layouts, here are 2 below that I did work onL

I also worked on my summer album, that chronicled our summer vacay and a few of the places that we went.  Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the project but, I also knocked a huge dent in that book as well...just need to finish embellishing and journaling.

I thoroughly enjoyed the company, the laughs and my crazy friends!!

Thanks for coming by!


  1. Glad you were so productive! You couldn't have had too much fun without me there! Lol. Can't wait to try it out!

  2. Oh my goodness, I've been away so long that coming here is like finding a whole new house has popped up in your old blogs' place rofl! I really need to visit more! I haven't been to retreat before, and it's been years since my last crop - and I rarely got much done there, too much chatting lol. I love seeing your layouts and watching your princess grow <3

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by! Please know you have not missed much....since Facebook, my blogging came to a flatline to be honest! But I am trying to be better at it, but I say that each Come join my group so we can keep in better touch! It is also nice to see your baby girl as well! Everyone is growing so quickly! See you around my Blinging Babe! (I am not even sure if you will receive notification that I responded!


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