Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Missin Her Already!

My sweet Bre Bre...
Well I guess I will use this forum for expressing how I feel right now....

Im feelin rather low right now...day one of missing my baby girl. Before anyone judges me, I haven't really spent more that about 4 days away from my girl....and now its gonna be 10.

Bre gets to go on vacation with her dad, they are leaving tomorrow and comes back on Sunday. Where my heart breaks is that I leave on my vacation Sunday while she comes back on Sunday. So, I will be completely missing her. =( She will stay with her dad until my return next Friday.

I know she will have a great time while she is gone, but she hasn't been away from her mommy for a long period of time like this either. Yeah, so what....Im selfish. Thats my baby and its okay. Love that little girl with all my heart.

I am thankful however that he allowed me to have extra time with her as she usually goes to her dads on Sundays....today is Tuesday so that was a blessing. That was a big move on his part. Maybe we are both trying to be at peace and finally work with each other.

Based off of statistics most people have experienced divorce with children. If it has not been you, it has definately been someone you know or is close to. Its been almost 2 years and its still hard.

I have a wonderful man in my life right now who has helped me with this situation tremendously. I have a huge cheer squad to tell me its gonna be okay, mom, friends, family, etc. If you are reading and have ever sent me words of encourgaement, I thank you and I thank God for you being around to encourage me.

I should not be feelin such an enourmous amount of anxiety before my vacation! Im goin to HAWAII!!! And I am really trying to enjoy myself! I was so worked up today I couldn't even function at work properly, so my boss let me go home. A mothers love for their child is just crazy!

I will continue to pray as I know only time heals all things. I have got to keep myself busy over the next few days. I refuse to sit still and sulk. I know my baby girl will have a blast and I will see her on the 20th!

P.S. If you are a close friend of mine that talks to me on the daily or 1-2 times a week, my family or a co-worker...bare with me....I am goin through it....

Mommy loves you!!!!


  1. I know them gone for any amount of time is heartbreaking! Tamika's daughter just went off to college!! Enjoy your time to yourself you and her will have so much to catch up on. Their stories are the best!

  2. Oh man, that must be hard...I am so far away from that...but its still all the same. I do have a lot to be thankful for. I am definately going to do my best to enjoy myself no doubt. I know she will have funon her little trip, but I am sure she will be tryna come back home soon after! Man! Never knew life would be so emotional!

  3. Awww Tricia, I remember those days. The girls father and I separated when they were young and I had to do a lot of mental work to be okay with them leaving for visits. I really enjoyed being with my girls and now that they are older I am constantly dealing with them living their "own" lives. Can't say it gets any easier but it does make the time you spend together more and more special.

  4. aw i hope you start to feel better girl! i do not have children but i do have nieces and nephews that i helped raised and i miss them so much when i leave home. so i can some what relate to you!



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