Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sandy Beaches, Palm Trees...Hawaii Bound Baby!

Well, this is where I will be on Sunday afternoon...whoop whoop, I think we actually arrive late morning! I can't wait....the craziness of it all is I am not packed, suitcase is not even out of the box....oh well I will get it done.

Thanks to one of my really really good friends for organizing the trip (Thanks J-Wow! - who just earned that name today)...I will be joining Janice and her family and a few others!

My main squeeze will be coming as well! I am excited because he is a hard working man and so deserves this trip! You are a GREAT father and you have helped me find happiness in more ways than one! Babe, I know you read my blog from time to time, so if you do I hope this makes you smile. According to you, you have not been on a "real" vacation in a long time...sounds like you are completely overdue! Well I am so happy to be the woman to accompany you on this getaway!!!
Babe you will NOT be disappointed...I can promise you that! You now I always have stuff up my sleeves!
I know you have a lot goin on right now, but guess what....its time to have fun for a few days! Its okay to relax and escape our reality!
Live it up babe!
These pics below will become your reality beginning on Sunday!

Whoop! Whoop!

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