Monday, November 26, 2012

Ok...The Things We Do For Our Kids!

Ok, the things that we do for our kids...

I took the task of going to storage and fetching the Christmas decor and tree. Well I forgot that I put my Christmas Tree in my parents storage so there were two trees in there. Well I just grabbed mine, not remembering that one had the clear lights and one had the colored lights.

Let me rewind for a sec...we have never put up Christmas decor up this early before, usually its maybe the 2nd week of December. Well you know how we (society) rush right through Thanksgiving and get right into Christmas right? Well if it wasn't Thanksgiving Day or the day after, neighbors were putting out decorations, putting lights up, just pumping little Bre up! It didn't help that Adriana my sisters friend from Arizona dropped off my sisters gifts to us from her. Of course they are all sparkly and blinged out and Bre's wrapped all bomb in princess wrapping Bre is super stoked like, "OH YEAH! SANTA'S COMING! SANTA'S COMING!" My poor child thought Santa was for sure coming that night. She knows Santa is in town becuase she "Saw Him" at Victoria Gardens Mall and we took a $16.00 5x7 pic (yeah, thats sarcasm!) girl is SUPER HYPED! Ok!?

So anyway..picking back up to the tree business. I promised her after church, we will decorate, and put up our tree and the Christmas lights will go up. So...we put up the tree and she looks a little disappointed. I'm thinking to myself, "What now!?" lol...I ask her, "Whats wrong Bre?", she says, "Mom, how come we don't have colors on our tree?"...when she asked me this, I forgot the fact that I grabbed mine and mine had clear and moms which was still in storage had colored lights. I tried to tell her, "Baby, our tree is still beautiful it has lights like snow, cute and cool ornaments and a beautiful star! We will get colored lights next year...", she seemed to be satisfied. She also made a comment about our clear outdoor lights and everyone else has colored lights...are they ever satisified? Im like, man!

Woke up this morning, and mom realized that I grabbed the wrong tree, and also moms tree had a easy toggle switch as we made it Bre's responsibility to push the easy button which turns the lights out on the tree. Grandma said she would go to storage and get the tree with colored lights...ok cool! forward to this evening.....I get my mind right to take down ALL the decorations off the tree, to have the new one up by the time Bre gets home tomorrow as she was with her dad this evening. I take the other tree out the box only find out that it was perhaps packaged or stored wrong, all the branches were bent, making the tree look sad and unloved....Needless to say, we had to take the colored tree BACK DOWN and we will be putting that bad boy in the trash! I'm a little tired at this point, but then put the old tree BACK UP and dug out 3 strands of colored lights...we threw those bad boys on the tree and WAH-LAH! Operation tree make over! Lord, I am tired now...

The things we do for our kids! You know what, I jsut have to realize that it is not all about me... =)
It's all good...cuz my mama would have done the same for me!

Here are a few holiday pics...



  1. I LMBO while reading this! I hope you took a photo of the tree and planning to scrap it with this is priceless! Beautiful photos of Bre and the fat guy especially the black and white photo. Happy Holidays!!!

  2. Too funny, yes I would have tried so hard to convince her that the white lights were super special too,lol my girls can tell countless stories of those kind of mommy-tales, lol.


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