Sunday, November 25, 2012

Project Life

Okay, so I feel like I am late with just about everything these days. Was late on Pinterest, was late on Instagram, and I have been late on Project Life. I would see the photos of others Project Life, but really had no clue of what the hell it was, but it looked rather cool...So anyway, one of my good friends talked me into joining her in on the challenge with her...and we dove into some prepping today. We will start on 1/1/13.

Here is what they look like: (snagged this from a google search)...not mine!

What is it? I guess its basically a really easy way of chronicling the days of the year, places you may go for lunch, the price of gas, what you cooked for dinner, childs art from school, funnyisms your kid may say, etc...anything! It's completely up to you on what you wish to do.

A few other challenges we will be incorporating into our 365, Project Life Album. We will incorporate the following challenges, hopefully I remember them...I kinda feel like she posted my arm somewhat...but I am going to try!

1. 64 crayons - We will pull a color from a box of crayons and take a photo of what color we pulled
2. 52 walks - We will take a photo on different walks we do. If its once a week, we will take a photo, and it can of course be of anything, the scenery, maybe someone you are walking with, etc.
3. ABC's of me..- Self explanatory

And who knows maybe I will through out the above and just do my own thang! Who knows but I am going to try and just do whatever flows! LOL!'

Here are a few sites / blogs that have inspired me below. If you are interested in doing it for 2013, visit the sites below or even search on Pinterest!

Becky Higgins

Elise Blaha

Ali Edwards

Thanks for stopping by!

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