Thursday, February 4, 2016

{Dating Today}

Dating websites use to be taboo, but I think its completely normal these days. 
But why is it hard to find a good partner? 
I was asked recently, "why are you still single?" I guess the answer to this is because I refuse to settle!
I have to be honest with myself and say, I ALMOST settled, and I promised myself I would never to that again! I am too worthy to do mess like that. I had got myself into a situation that was not the business....did something I promised myself I would never to again.

What I am trying to do is be patient and obedient while I wait on my heavenly Lord to present me with who he sees fit! 

In the meanwhile....
I was inboxed by this dude....
One MAJOR pet peeve...
Grammatical Errors....

Dude couldn't even spell his own city. SMH...
Your profile should be on POINT! If you are tryin to catch, please be on point! Southern Cali, we have a city in the Inland Empire called MORENO VALLEY...not Mareno Valley....come on bruh!


I also ran across this on either Facebook or Pinterest...I thought it was hilarious!


One day, my prince will arrive!

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