Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Viva Las Vegas!!

Oh wow! The 3 of us, myself and 2 of my best Scrappy Buds took a little road trip to celebrate other scrappy buds birthdays in Sin City!! That trip was highly anticipated and highly needed!!! There is a link to my flipgram that highlights some of my favorite photos! In case you don't click the link, I have some of my favorite pics to share here with you!

2 of the birthday girls hosted an all day crop that was hands down on point, filled with a day of challenges, games and awesome prizes!

We went up on  a Friday, got into a little trouble with a senior citizen that evening when we went to a lounge for some live music! I guess we were sitting in his unmarked seats....oops....nerve!

Saturday we cropped and had fun, shared plenty of meals together and headed back on Sunday homeward bound. We stopped at the famous Alien Jerky place which is along the 15 Fwy, somewhere between Nevada and Barstow, Ca. I do believe its in Baker, Ca.

Anyhow, I was super productive so proud of that! Because of the known shenanigans that were to occur, I only aimed for 10 layouts...I achieved 8 which was still good considering the chaos!
I will share those layouts in a few days!

Thank you for allowing me to relive my moment with me!

Viva Las Vegas! Celebrating January Birthdays! Its not all about pics, glue and paper....its about the friendships that form...luv these ladies! Happy Birthday Rochelle, Lisa & Alondra!!
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