Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ok! Ok! I admit it!!!

Ok so its true...I can't even lie! I have a PROBLEM with hoarding magazines. The first step is admitting right? Thank you! At least I am doin that much!

I am a magazine whore! Okay I said it! LOL!

I buy magazines with GREAT intentions, thinking I am gonna apply all these great articles and what ends up happening to them?
a.) They will end up in my bag I carry to work
b.) They end up by my bed side
c.) They end up under the bed
d.) Then because I may have to clean up really quick they end up in my magazine holder(s) that are overflowing.

I must do better in 2011!


  1. dont feel bad huney---i uesed to be the dame way---once you get tired of it, it will go away--i KNOW!!!

  2. I'm JUST like that when I subscribe to a magazine, they come so quickly it feels like that I barely have time to read them!! Especially scrapbook magazines that I want to peruse leisurely!!

  3. LOL .. so what you saying is I will ALWAYS have something to read at your spot. Girl I am the SAME way .. my husband be like "dang did you read the LAST one?" LOL .. I just tell him to stop hating LOL.

  4. So I guess since I got rid of all but one I am a reformed'ho? lol!

  5. Oh, so feel your pain. I'm workin through my obsession and limiting myself to 2 mags a month. You should here me in the check out line talking myself out of buying another mag, because I have some at home that needs to be read.


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