Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review....So LONG 2010!!!!

Below photos highlight some of my memorable moments from 2010.
Couldn't find pics that pertained to Jan & Feb...not sure what happened, so we will start with March!


Bre getting the hang of her bike!


Bre hated to sit on her only used her training potty until June, then she was on the big girl potty!


Bre was in her first wedding on a yacht...she wasn't too cooperative...

My lovely sister-girlfriend Janice, got married on a yacht. It was beautiful!

Spring Retreat in French Valley, Temecula

The girls that attended the retreat...was great! Wonderful memories!
Started doing the $1 skating at Stardust in the was a great workout! Doin the "Stanky Leg" was pretty hard on wheels!

My girlfriend got this busted ass pair of skates...LOL!
Bre turned 3 years old, Petals the Clown was a guest of honor...

Lovin this pic..

Bre truly started lovin the beach this year...that Princess Tiana bathing suit...she was only able to wear it maybe 3 times...she grew sooo much this year!

July (the bestest' month!)

The best bday memorable! All my closest friends and family was there to share it with me. (The lines on my face are from the mirrors in the limo..makes me look sickly...not a good look!). fault for taking my glasses off my face. glasses somehow jumped off the table...and someone stepped on them...I now have a supply of contacts on back up for party nights! It was a good thing I was on vacation that week! LOL! Good times!

Gettin ready to hop in our chariot!

A pic from one of our few pics to Disneyland...


Bre's 1st trip to Barnum Bailey's Circus, Ontario, Ca

L.A. County Fair....expensive as hell...ruh-dik-uh-luss!

Bre on the carousel at Castle Park, Riverside, Ca.


Me & My Cuzzo in attendance at the Laker Game...Go LAKERS!

Bre in attendance at the Nick Jr Live Show

Wonder Pets, Ni Hao Kai Lan, Backyardigans & Dora

We joined Keisha & Jalen to watch Disney on Ice


Bre helping me make our first Friendship bread...that I kept making over and over and OVER again!

Made my first Stateline Turnaround trip with Janice & Mama Berthas Red Hatters. My Bestie Rasheedah came with me on the trip, very nice trip!

Bre was getting her certificate at her Tumbling Teddies, for her 3rd quarterly enrollment...

Discovered a new technique! Made this mini album out of a paper towel roll! (Empty of course!)

Bre met snoopy for the first time at Knotts. We got in for free using our "county" employee status.

All smiles!!! LOVE HER!!!

Bre meeting Santa for the first time! She was SOOOO excited!!!

The reason I am THANKFUL for everything I have today!
Thank you Jesus for seeing and believing in me. Carrying me Lord when you know I was about to fall and ball up in fetal position...
Thank you for instilling FAITH within me and reminding me that you are a faithful God! You created me, Lord and you have created my blue print. Everything that has happened was not by mistake or chance. It was all apart of your masterplan.
I know we are not to question why certain things happen, but I already have my faith in you so there is no need to ask "why?"
This year I will increase my faith greatly.
Sometimes I question myself, how am I in the position I am in now? How have I been able to survive over the last year and a half? How have I made it!?
Nothin but you God...I know it is you!
You will continue to guide me, bless me, carry me...
Thank you Lord for EVERYTHING you have blessed me with! My beautiful daughter, family, home, job, car, finances, health, the list can go on.
Thank you
Love you unconditionally as you love me!
Make 2011 better than my 2010!

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  1. Loving all of the photos, especially the ferris wheel shot. Look at how much Miss cutie pie Bri has grown. I remember when you was pregnant with her and going to the MJB concert. Happy New Year my friend, may your blessings continue to be abundant!


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