Monday, December 13, 2010

~What Im doin RIGHT NOW~


Eating - Nuthing at the moment...

Drinking - Nuthing at the momentt...

Last Night's Dinner - Honestly I don't even remember, sad I know.

Listening To - Mariah sing on her Christmas special.

Reading - how about I need to finish 3 books: 1.) Elusive Love, 2.) Getting to Happy
& 3.) Think Like a Man Act Like a Woman (or is it the other way around!?

Doing - Chillin with laptop in lap watching Mariah Carey's Christmas special.

Creating - nuthing at the moment.

Next Crafty Thing I Want To Explore - Some Modge Podge stuff for Christmas

Waiting On - sleep to come over me!

Anticipating - Friday!

Super Thankful For my daughter, not too sure what I would be doin withouth her, and my mom who is my hero. Thankful for my nana who is no longer here physically as she continues to be my light in this dark place.

Watching - Mariah Carey's Christmas Special

Last Movie Watched:Tangled

Next Movie To See - Tyler Perrys next movie

What I'm Wearing - Good ole comfy cottonwear as I am in the bed... =)

To-Do, At This Very Second - Get off this computer!

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Got this from my girl EssenceVibez


  1. I am going to do this when I am not at work, it would be so boring right now, lol.

  2. Sounds like you're doing what I'd LOVE to be doing "straight chillin"!!!! LOL


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