Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paper Towel WHUT!?

Well...the first time I heard about this I was at Hearts & Crafts in Covina. We were packing up getting ready to leave the store tryna hurry and pack up and one of the ladies in the store asked if we had seen the mini books made out of Toilet Paper / Paper Towel rolls (EMPTY of course!)
She didn't have a sample as she was just asking if anyone wanted the empty paper towel roll. Because I had no freakin clue what she was talking about, I wasn't really too concerned. It was just one of those things where ya just gotta see it to understand! I was like toilet paper? Paper towel roll? just kept packing.

Well one day I was surfing Scraps of Color and came across a a tutorial from one of the talented ladies (mscelly) and I Was like WOW! I immediately called my mom and and a few others and asked them to save toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls! I wanted to secretly unroll all the toilet paper and paper towels left on the roll, yes, I was that eager to try it.

I decided to give it a go at my last crop I went to. Lo and behold, I caught a little flack for attempting to use toilet paper you can imagine the jokes goin with that. So, I decided, hmm...they are right. Left me DISCARD the toilet paper rolls and just go with the paper towels. You can easily cut the roll to the size of a toilet paper which is what I did.

So here we go...I don't have a tutorial but you can see the gist of it all...

Here was the beginning...just simply painted the RAW chipboard...

And then MAGIC!!!

The possibilities are really endless with this. You can make them according to theme and embellish the hell out of these bad boyz.

A few items I used:

Cardstock (for matting photos)


Ink for the edges

Embellies that included (lil butterflies, pins, buttons, staples, felts, ribbons, bling). I also made tags that can be pulled out of each of the 3 rolls. I used 2 O-Wires to bind it, but can also be binded with any binding tool, Zutter comes to mind. I have also seen some people use Grommets.

To view more of these cool little can look on YouTube of course and keyword paper towel mini albums.

Try one, they are very cute and fun!



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  1. How cute, what a nice job! I have seen these around, I will put this on my list of things to try. Thanks!


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