Monday, December 3, 2012

"Miracle" Wrecked Havoc....On Her Tree!!

So. Her name is "Miracle", the Elf on the Shelf!
Bre came home from her dads today and was introduced to the elf, and she named her "Miracle". Not sure where the name came from, but hey....we asked her to name her!
She is really excited about this elf and her magical powers that she will be reporting back and forth to Santa in the North Pole! Miracle is under strict guidelines to not speak to the children, but the children can speak to the elf's...Also, the children are to not touch the elf or else she will lose her magical powers!
Anyway, the elf is known to do mischievous things when kids go to you can see below, "Miracle" wrecked havoc on the little girls Christmas Tree....OH BOY!!! Umm, yeah , that is what you think they are...26 pairs...LOL!!!!
Can't wait to see her reaction...hopefully I can catch some flicks!
 Look at her...innocent little "Miracle" heee!!!
Happy Holidays!

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