Sunday, December 2, 2012

{Alternative to Advent Calendar} I luv Pinterest, because otherwise, I wouldn't have known about alot of different things I have learned of recently or tried. I just LOVE being able to bring a smile to my baby girls one of my dearest friends Alondra, told me about this alternative to a traditional advent calendar. I have been wanting to do an advent calendar for so here we go.
What it is, is empty matchbook boxes...of course empty out the matches, save them if you can put little cute notes, activities that you and your child can partake in. So for instance, I put the following in her boxes, make a fort and eat dinner in it, make a Christmas card and mail it, have breakfast for dinner, open a small gift (from $1 store), I put a dollar in one and some change in another.
Normally, you would put numbers on the wrapped match boxes, but because of my lovely circumstances and not having Bre 7 days a week, I left the numbers off. So she will be be able to unwrap something each day as a count down.
We are exposing the elf for the first time tomorrow, as she comes home from her dads, can't Hopefully I catch some smiles and giggles for you on camera...
Have a great week!

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