Saturday, December 8, 2012

{Sisterlocs...HERE I COME! }

Well I have contemplated and contemplated and I am finally going to do it! I finally made an appointment to get my sisterlocks. I am pretty excited but man, seriously a little on the nervous side. I heard it is definitely a process to get use to them...patience most importantly!

I am really getting tired of wearing a weave not to mention the money that I spend every other month getting it done. I am not ashamed of admitting to wearing a weave. Its my culture. If this is what I have chose to do for so long then that's my business! What I can say is stress is a hair killer as well as divorce and custody battles. Boo HOO! That is neither here or there, now its really time to get Tricia back on track!

I am feeling the concept of being natural and the feeling of just simply feeling free.Not having to add any additional hair to my own is cool with me! Being able to wash my hair whenever I want and really not have to do anything about it sounds extremely appealing to me! If I want to take aqua aerobics at the gym and not worry about my hair getting wet, I'm with it! Not having to be pissed that the beauty supply house does not have my color or style of hair I am looking for is appealing to me. Having to stop sweeping shedding curls of hair on the floor is appealing to Seriously. If you ever go through a picture gallery of mine, you will see so many different hair styles, but we got it like that! African American women can be extremely versatile with what we do with our hair. Here are a few of my styles I would usually rock..

 Bre likes other hair too...LOL...

I have been hearing a major uproar of going natural. And I guess you can say I am joining the revolution and will be embracing my natural beauty! I am! I'm ready! Lets do it! Bring it! I am a little nervous as to what coworkers will expect...they already trip out when I come one day with shoulder length hair and then the next day with a short bob type haircut, then back to curly...they don't know..kinda confusing to them I know...don't trip...let me worry about my, I GOT THIS!  So I already know they are not gonna be ready, but they can go ahead and get ready...I will be the first in my agency with them, so bring it. =)

MANY people are still asking what are SisterLocs...check the link here. They are real serious about it. You have to do a consultation, and installation and then of course maintenance (retightening sessions).
Here are a few pics of some sistas that I am sure who have been rocking them for years...

Aren't these locs beautiful?
At the consultation, because I have a weave in of course I wasn't taking it down JUST to do a a few twists / sample. At the consultation, a CERTIFIED technician will take a look at your hair, see what kind of pattern/grid will work best for your hair, how big or small, and to see how the test twists lock up. So while my hair is in a weave, of have the "kitchen area"..that may grow out of the track...sistas...YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!! I asked her if she could test it  in the kitchen, she said yeah, so I was like COOL! Here are my test locs below..

These photos were taken about 3 weeks ago...

 Below, is the result...this photo taken a few days ago..

I saw one of my Sorors not too long ago who just took that plunge and she is very proud of hers, I have a cousin who has them and a few Sorority Sisters who do. All have encouraged me to research it and take the plunge if that's what I want to do. All have been very encouraging matter fact even my mama.

I asked her how do I prepare for this, I mean what do I do the night before if anything? She said wash it with a Suave type that will strip your hair and let it air dry...I said, "SAY WHUT!? AIR DRY??" Oh Lord...ouch. LOL! Okay then..

Well stay tuned on my journey yall! I'm so ready to get this started!

Yours Truly!

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